Discover new music & artists

Apple Music is making it easier than ever to discover new music and artists. You can explore tons of playlists created by experts, find the latest tracks trending on the charts, or just enjoy your favorite songs. Just imagine how many great new songs you could be listening to if you just gave this service… Continue reading Discover new music & artists

Moving Wallpaper on Android

In one of our latest Android projects, we wanted to have a transparent wallpaper overlaid on top of the standard Android home screen. We found a few references online showing how this could be done, but many were incomplete and others required third party apps. After doing some research into what it would take to… Continue reading Moving Wallpaper on Android

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Average Height of a Person

There is no one answer to this question as height can vary greatly from person to person. However, according to the World Health Organization, the average height for a man is 1.7 meters (5’7″) and the average height for a woman is 1.6 meters (5’3″). This data is based on measurements from people living in… Continue reading Average Height of a Person

Proper Use of Correction Tape

Correction tape is a great way to quickly and easily fix mistakes while writing. However, it is important to use it correctly in order to achieve the best results. Here are some tips for using correction tape correctly. Don’t wait too long to use correction tape. It’s best to use it right after making a… Continue reading Proper Use of Correction Tape

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Determining Fast Charger

When we talk about fast charging, what do you think? Ah! I also thought of something like an electric car. However, the problem is that it’s hard to charge and expensive. As a result, there are cases where we can not use unless we have an exclusive parking lot. This time I will introduce a… Continue reading Determining Fast Charger

The Truth about Cell Standby and How it Drains Your Battery

It is very common for cell standby to drain your battery which people are not aware of. Cell Standby is the primary cause of unexplained battery drain on Android smartphones. Cell standby, also known as mobile radio active power, reflects the amount of power used by the cellular radio (3G/4G LTE) to stay connected to… Continue reading The Truth about Cell Standby and How it Drains Your Battery