RuneScape is back, but many people still prefer the original version. OSRS or Old School RuneScape evokes magical memories. The game is also known as 2007scape and is a backup from the Jagex archive of online MMO RuneScape. OSRS’s playerbase is roughly the same size as RuneScape in general, but RuneScape remains a tad more popular.

RuneScape is now accessible on free servers and paid ones with free yearly registration. OSRS keeps the game in its former form and its competitive economy intact. As opposed to the New RuneScape version, the value of each item in the OSRS Grand Exchange is constantly changing – several of which are worth billions.

Today’s article will focus on the items in RuneScape, how they work, as well as how to get some of the best items in RuneScape.

But Wait… Is RuneScape Still a Thing?

RuneScape is very old-school, but has been active for many years and remains relevant today. The game was updated to work on new machines as well. RuneScape has become available for the first time after years, and it got almost 300M account creations in the first quarter of its re-release.

Is RuneScape Fully Free?

RuneScape is available to play for free but offers an optional membership to unlock even more exciting content, including more than 125 additional quests.

Is RuneScape Still Pay to Win?

It’s certainly not. The F2P version was a test version. If you get a membership you unlock most of the games content and the price is fairly low (100 dollars per month) and you may get them by paying the in-game currency as well.

How do You Buy Items in RuneScape?

Right-click on an Exchange Officer in the blue center and click Exchange. You will find six boxes available to purchase (two for free players). Select the option to buy or sell a product.

What is The First Item in RuneScape?

The most important item from RuneScape is the Metal Mace. RuneScape’s newest item is Scythe. Many items appear very similar, and many even use identical sprites, so keep your eyes on the stats and the item descriptions.

What is The Rarest RuneScape Item?

The rarest item in RuneScape is the Elysian Shield, which requires 75 “Defense” to equip it. Unlike other eShop merchandise, this piece is very rare which is why its value is so high.

What is a Salve Amulet Good For in RuneScape?

A salve amulet increases the wearer’s ability to attack undead monsters by 1/60 of the attack. It’s a reward for Haunted Mine’s mission. The salve amulets are made by cutting shards of salve using chisels from a crystal ridge on the bottom level.

What is The Most Valuable Item in RuneScape?

The cheapest OSR item was the 3rd Age Pickaxe. But for players embarking on the Treasure Trail quest in higher tiers, the loot they will unlock is legendary. It has a 3rd Age Pickaxe, and this is ironically the most costly item in the game.

What is The Most Expensive Sword in RuneScape?

Longsword is the most expensive sword in the game and costs nearly 1BN gold points. It’s definitely an excellent piece to purchase for the game.

Arcane Spirit Shield

This weapon has a similar defense stat as the base shield but has a magic attack bonus of +20. It’s definitely one of the best items in RuneScape.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons offer the best variety for the RuneScape player. The game offers melee weapons of various types, including halberds, scimitars, swords and spears. Contrary to other combat styles players may use both hands for melee skills, and use the respective weapons (such as a two handed sword etc.).

Elysian Spirit Shield

The Elysian Spirit Shield is among the strongest shields in RuneScape and hence has an ever-increasing and excessive cost. It has better melee and range stats than Spirit and Arcane defenses, but also comes with a powerful passive which can reduce taking damage by 30%, which is what gives it great power. To create the Elysian Spiritual Shield you first need Elysian seals from the Corporal Beast. Then, you should link the Shield with the blessed Elysian seals. It took 90 prayers and 86 smithing sessions, or 1,500,000 points, for Abbot Langley for his own creation.

3rd Age Bow

Price Estimate: 590,000,000 gp. The 3rd Age Bow requires level 66 in Ranged Weapons ability and packs some power. Its attack rate is comparable to shortbows with a wide range. Earlier this week, the 3rd Age Bow was selling for an average rate of 490M gp.

Twisted Bow

If you defeat the chamber raids of Xeric in January 2017, you can receive the Twisted Bow as a prize. Twisted Bow has remained the strongest weapon and the cheapest in OSRS history. Twisted bows have 10-tile range and require level 75 in the Ranged ability. Owning the bow without fighting Xeric will cost you 994,739,499 gold coin.

3rd Age Longsword

The Third Age Longsword is the strongest longsword in RuneScape’s world. It is therefore quite profitable. This can only come through completing elite treasure routes for the lowest price between 1/888750 and 1/313168 gc.

Santa Party Hats

The Santa hat is also an excellent way for people to use their enormous wealth – and flaunt it around! They were all over during Christmas 2002, but increased demand reduced its value considerably. A Christmas cap is likely to be worth 3 billion.

Are Ultra Rare Items Still a Thing in RuneScape?

Ultrarare items are no longer available to acquire in RuneScape anymore. They were usually the most costly items in RuneScape, but does nothing useful. This sort of item is typically unavailable on the Great Exchange because its immense worth exceeds the cash stock.