A story was told about a man in Japan named Genshin. He said that at Shichigahama in Isawa Province there is a certain fisherman who makes a special dish called “kuro-shirako”.

What Is The Genshin Impact Game All About?

It is about connecting with people so that they will learn the meaning of life from it. In Japan, one legend says that a certain fisherman makes a special dish called “kuro-shirako”. This dish is very delicious and there has never been a person who doesn’t like it since he started to serve it many years ago. When you eat this dish, your life will become more meaningful.

In order to serve this special dish, the fisherman caught a poisonous squid from the sea and cleaned it before cooking it. Genshin said that when the man eats his meal of poisonous crap he actually eats poison but doesn’t die. This is a very rare thing to see in the world. In fact, when Genshin said that the poisonous squid is a special dish, he meant that there is no such thing as poisonous or delicious food in the world.

People sometimes serve poisonous stuff to their guests with a smile on their face without knowing they have done anything bad. People eat them but don’t die so it becomes a very rare and special dish. Genshin said that when we eat such food, it is better to think about the meaning of life so that we won’t be surprised at last minute when we die.

Genshin Impact All Special Dishes

When you remember death, it will give you the opportunity to know what living in this world is all about. When you live like that, your life will become more meaningful.

Genshin Impact Game is designed to help people find their own answer of what does it mean to be alive and how should I act in order to make my life have meaning.

Well, let’s get back to the story about “kuro-shirako” of Isawa Province. Then what is this fisherman’s name? When you eat his meal, your life will become more meaningful so please kindly remember it. His name was Yamaoka Tesshu (安岡 哲爾).

He is from the group called Yamaoka (安岡) in Isawa Province in Tsushimanomiya in Kaga where Genshin lived (葛飾満宮). Actually, he sold a poisonous squid dish very secretly for a long time until Genshin told it to the public by writing a book about it. The Genshin impact game started after that, so he is the originator of this game.

The Most Delicious Food You’ll Ever Eat

What is this all about? Well, let’s get back to the story. Is Yamaoka Tesshu still alive? No, he is no longer alive. Actually, Genshin said that when we eat the poisonous food of the fisherman in Isawa Province with a smile on our face without knowing what we are doing, it would be better to think about the meaning of life.

The Different Dishes In The Game

The foods in Genshin Impact represent different things. In other words, each dish represents a life’s meaning so the more you eat the better it is.

Have you heard about this? What kind of story or legend have you heard from your parents, grandparents or friends? I am wondering what kind of dishes they ate and how did they become a special one.

Now, let’s look at the game. All dishes are very special and delicious so you will never get tired of playing it. What is your favorite dish?

What is your life like? How often do you think about death or how can you make your life more meaningful for instance by reading some books about it or attending seminars on this subject?

If you do these things, it would be much better to make your life more meaningful. If you bring this up at a dinner party with your friends, they might not agree with what you say but let them taste the meal of poisonous squid in Isawa Province and then ask them if their lives became more meaningful.

If you wish to learn more, you can play and learn more about the meaning of life at Genshin Impact Game.