Genshin Impact is one of the most popular action RPG games released in the last couple of years. And as many other RPG games, you characters need food to survive! But also to increase their max HP, or improve your party members’ healing bonus. Or, heck, just for the pleasure of watching your Genshin Impact characters enjoy some good food!

Some Genshin Impact characters are a fan of food (looking at you, Paimon). In this article, we will list some of the best food recipes for Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Special Dishes

Genshin Impact foods usually have a focus on buffs.

However, some foods are more difficult to make, and come with very unique and powerful effects. Such foods in Genshin Impact are called special dishes, and their quality ranges from 1-Star to 5-Stars. The higher the star rating of a special dish in Genshin Impact, the more challenging it is to make it.

However, as many dishes have similar effects, and sometimes time is of the essence, it is vital to choose dishes which do not require too much of an effort to find their necessary ingredients and cook them.

In general the most readily available ingredients are those you can find from supermarkets (like milk and flour), or contain ingredients that are otherwise common (such as mushrooms or caramel), or that can be purchased from visiting the Adventurers Guild Expeditions (i.e. Bird Eggs, raw meat and so on).

How Many Foods Are There in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact currently contains 116 food recipes. Yum!

And there’s a great variety of them. The game organizes food items in different categories, such as: healing foods, revival food, bar food, specialty dish, or certain characters special dishes.

In the game, you can try delicious Mondstadt grilled fish, or other types of grilled fish, then black back perch stew, a crystal shrimp, Jueyun chili chicken, flaming red Bolognese, almond tofu, mushroom pizza, invigorating pizza, shrimp meat, Wanmin restaurant’s boiled fish, Teyvat fried egg, tea break pancake, stir fried filet, grilled fish, a spicy stew or two, or even, get this – grilled tiger!

All food items are consumables, and they can give you individual effects for your character, or they can improve the stats of your party members. For example some foods can increase party members shield strength, or party members def, or increase party members hp, party members atk, party members physical dmg, party members crit rate, your party members climbing ability or your party members gliding ability and so on. Some food items, such as a special dish, can improve the sprinting stamina consumption for your party members in Genshin Impact as well.

Where to Find Food in Genshin Impact?

The most common way to acquire ingredients to cook food in Genshin Impact is to do the following. When you’re roaming around the game world, called Teyvat, you will occasionally see shiny objects that you can interact with. This usually means there is a flower, or an ingredient, that you can pick up.

Another way to find ingredients for your foods in Genshin Impact is to follow the local merchants. Many special dishes ingredients can be purchased by suppliers at local stores such as Mondstadt.

You can also process some raw materials required to cook certain special dishes.

Genshin Impact: All Character Special Dishes

Not every character in Genshin Impact likes the same food. Many characters have special dishes that are their favorites, and preparing those for them can give them special boosts to their max HP, grant them unique healing effects, or help them during some boss fights.

Genshin Impact Cooking Dish Recipe List

Without an effective healer and support character in your party, cooking becomes crucial for staying nourished and reviving dead party members. The aforementioned skill may also be crucial if you intend to increase offensive stats, such as DEX, ATK, DEF or CRIT rates. You may forage the necessary ingredients anywhere on the map. Several characters create enhanced versions of some dishes, so choose wisely.

How to Use Food in Genshin Impact

Geneshin Impact has a fairly easy food system; get recipes through quests, and collect ingredients through exploration and achieving challenges. Then go to a kitchen and make your favorite dishes.

It’s also a simple system to get your head around. In principle, 5-Star foods are better than 1 star foods. But be aware, a 5-Star dish is harder to cook than a 1-Star one. Note the different cooking qualities before you embark on some recipe you can barely find the ingredients for.

Additionally, you can make the perfect dish if you cook it in a golden pot. The perfect dishes have an extra advantage compared to typical dishes. Below you can see the best ingredients for such an exquisite dish.

What is The Best Food in Genshin Impact?

It is hard for any health restoring recipe to match the Crab Ham & Veggie Cake. It is sometimes called a veggie bake. Those wonderful morsels combined with the soft pastry will revive the lost spirit of any of your party members and heal them back to full health.

What is The Best 5 Star Food in Genshin Impact?

The Adeptus’ Temptation dish is simply awesome. The recipe for Adeptus’ Temptation can be found stashed in the Luxurious Chest at the Dwelling in the Clouds, which is the floating island you can see in the sky above Qingyun Peak. All players who play Genshin Impact should try and cook it at least once. This food is currently the highest rated 5 star food offering the highest attack bonus, as well as giving you a huge boost in critical rate attacks.

The Best Special Character Food In Genshin Impact

The Bright Air recipe increases all party members stamina to 1800, respectively. The ingredients for Bright Air are: Carrot x4, Potato x4, and Onions x4.

The effect will be multiplied by 282 per 300 for all members of the party. This food can further increase your maximum HP for 16% and heal 2,500 HP for the selected character.

Best HP Recovery and Defense Foods in Genshin Impact

The majority of HP recovery dishes are very simple. Obviously, universal peace isn’t a perfect solution to all problems, nor is it very likely in the tumultuous game world of Teyvat.

During your early game, try baking a few Mondstadt Hash brownies. They’re not necessary for a 15-level adventure. but the Mondstadt hash brownies will give you a good health boost.

Do not overlook the importance of defense and armor stats either. When using shield characters such as Zanlili, the Moon Pie food recipe offers maximum bonuses and makes easy use of materials found in stores or expeditions. Characters that specialize in herbal medicine like Kokomi will prefer Gold Crabs to increase their unique abilities. And if you’re playing an Inazuma character, the Sakura Shrimp dish is absolutely crucial especially for characters with abilities that vary with HP.

Some of the Most Interesting Genshin Impact Foods!

Mora Meat (1-Star)

Mora Meat is one of the best, but most common 1-Star foods in Genshin Impact. It ensures the revival of your character and restores 150HP.

Mondstadt Hash Brown (3-Star)

The Mondstadt Hash Brown is one of the easiest 3-Star foods to make in Genshin Impact. Consuming it gives you an additional 34% maximum HP and heals for a further 1,900 HP.

Noodles With Mountain Delicacies (2-Star)

Noodles with Mountain Delicacies is a recipe for a food item that the player can cook. The recipe can be learned from Ms. Bai for 2,500 Mora.

Depending on the quality (as indicated by the Star rating), the Noodles with Mountain Delicacies dish restores 40/50/60 Stamina with a 300-second cooldown. Like most foods on Genshin Impact, this has no effect for other players when playing in Co-Op Mode.

When Chongyun cooks Noodles with Mountain Delicacies, there is a chance Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies will be created instead. So think carefully before you give Chongyun your noodles!

Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup (2-Star)

This Genshin Impact food recipe called Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup reduces the amount of time it takes the team to sprint and maintains a stamina deficit of 15 mins. So if you intend to be running fast from things, do not eat this dish!

Summary of the Best Foods In Genshin Impact

We hope you enjoyed our overview of how food works in Genshin Impact. It is a wonderful game with many interesting side quests and the absolute wealth of foods and special dishes adds further character to the game. Whether you want your characters to gorge on raw meat and reduce your party member’s climbing ability, or cook a special dish that revives a character, Genshin Impacts gives you all the freedom, that is the only truth.