This Skyrim Tunic Mod adds new high-resolution textures which will replace your character’s upper body clothing. That means more detail, and it also means that you can combine this with other body mods! If you’re experienced in game development or modding, you could also use the CBBE or UNP meshes by themselves, but if you want to use both at the same time, then this mod is pretty much essential.

This mod is designed to work alongside vanilla clothing. However, this guide does not cover how to install the original Skyrim body and other armor mods for it, since there are so many of them. Please refer to another guide or use Google if you need help with that part.

Skyrim Tunic Mod

Please remember, it is not compatible with other body mods! There are enough Skyrim body mods out there already but please don’t combine them with the Skyrim Tunic mod. If you still want some variety, use some of the many available vanilla bodies on Nexus instead. They range from realistic/slender to cartoon/oversized breasts and butts. For this particular mod, though, it’s recommended to use vanilla bodies. If you’re not sure which one to get, I’d say the UNP meshes are probably the most versatile right now.

This mod is compatible with practically any existing body type and texture replacer that does not already replace the player character clothing on its own (which are most). Skyrim Tunic mod is compatible with any texture replacer!

How To Install The Skyrim Tunic Mod

First you need to download the mod. There are several files on the Nexus mod page, ranging from high-resolution options down to small replacers suitable for low-end rigs. For most people the highest quality texture pack is probably enough, but higher-res versions are available if you want them.

Then, just use the installer included with the mod and select which version you want. Read the installer’s instructions to see which folder your body replacers are in, so that it knows where to copy the textures over too. If your body mods are not in Skyrimdata, then this will not work.

After installation, go into the Data subfolder of wherever you installed the mod and check “bmshesom.esp” to make sure it’s activated! Remember to check the *.esp file for this mod after you install it, so that it will take effect.

Pros And Cons Of the Skyrim Tunic Mod

The pros of this mod are that it replaces the upper body clothing, which leaves the rest of your armor mods open for mixing and matching with many different outfits or body textures. It is also compatible with most if not all existing Skyrim texture replacements, while some other ‘character retexture’ mods out there tend to only work with a certain set of replacers.

Cons of this mod are that it is a replacer, which means it will overwrite the vanilla clothing with its own textures. If you’re using a ton of other mods alongside this one, then I’d wait until later to install it until you’ve decided on all the ones that need more attention. Also, if your PC can’t handle it you can always try the alternate version, which does not replace all of your clothing, just the most egregious offenders in terms of resolution.

How Does The Skyrim Tunic Mod Change Your Character’s Appearance?

It is important to understand that this mod does not make your character look any skimpier or more dressed, nor makes them naked. It simply replaces their clothing with better textures and more detail, and makes it work alongside other body mods that you may or may not already be using.

The vanilla bodies that I mentioned earlier will still show skin when they should, but it will look much nicer now! The best way to learn about this mod is probably to check out the pictures, since I can’t really explain it much better than that. As you can probably tell, this mod is one of my personal favorites.