cách tắt thông báo sinh nhật trên zalo

The Beginner’s Guide To Navigating The Zalo App: Cách Tắt Thông Báo Sinh Nhật Trên Zalo

Discover the unique messaging app, Zalo! It’s used primarily in Vietnam, but also has fans worldwide. With 50 million active users, the app provides group chats, emojis, stickers and public channels. Plus, turn off birthday notifications in a flash – just visit the Friends tab > Settings > Push Notifications > Untick ‘Birthday.’ Zalo also has a feature called ‘Moments,’…

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WhatsApp Updates on https // /(phone number)

This article delves into the recent updates made to WhatsApp’s platform. Users can now conveniently connect through number), which triggers a chat with the phone number mentioned in the link. This update is expected to improve communication by eliminating the need to save contacts just to start a conversation. Furthermore, users can easily share this link via social media…