Pivotal Commware, Inc., a leader in advanced wireless communication solutions, recently announced a new $50M funding round led by Tracker Capital Management. This round is the latest in a series of investments into the company, which has now raised more than $120M from institutional investors, strategic partners, and major telecom companies.

The funds will expand Pivotal Commware’s reach and commitment to next-generation wireless solutions.

Pivotal Commware Raises $50M in C Round Led by Tracker Capital Management

Pivotal Commware is leading the advanced MIMO antenna technology ecosystem for 5G networks and beyond. Pivotal’s Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) product suite is designed to increase spectrum efficiency and maximise data rates while enhancing user device battery life. Their technology has been used by leading service providers worldwide to meet the exponentially increasing demands in mobile data traffic.

Founded in 2014, the company has grown dynamically with a team of respected industry veterans from mobile, broadcast and technology industries who have worked together to create novel concepts. Pivotal closed a $50M Series C funding on October 26th, 2020 led by Tracker Capital Management which included Charles River Ventures and existing investors Verizon Ventures, Phoenix Venture Partners, SEVEN SEAS Partners and BIP Capital as participating investors for this round of funding. This significant level of investment demonstrates the growing market confidence in Pivotal’s HOLOBEAM™ solution platform for 5G services.

The investment from tracker capital management will be used by Pivotal to:

  • Build out their 5G platform globally and expand its already industry-leading set of competitive advantages in scalable antennas integration over any existing rooftop architecture or narrowband site deployment for sustainable 5G market growth.
  • Further their ambitions to provide tailored functionalities based on customers’ business requirements with minimum effort at end point implementation, such as macrocells, small cells and mmWave radios with enhanced data delivery.

Tracker Capital Management

Tracker Capital Management has recently led Pivotal Commware’s $50M funding in its C round. This investment from Tracker Capital Management will go a long way toward helping Pivotal Commware reach its goals.

Tracker Capital Management is a venture capital firm specialising in investments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. The company has a history of investing in early- to mid-stage companies so this investment was a natural fit.

This investment by Tracker Capital Management shows confidence in Pivotal Commware’s growth potential in the coming years.

Background of the Investment Group

Tracker Capital Management is a California-based investment firm focused on early stage and growth equity investments in the technology sector. Established in 2002, Tracker Capital has invested in over 75 early stage and growth companies across the technology, software & services, internet & mobile and clean technology sectors.

Tracker Capital works closely with entrepreneurs to provide operational and strategic direction for their portfolio companies to help create value for all stakeholders. Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing value-added resources based on our collective experiences working with world-class companies like Cisco Systems, Symantec Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Google and Yahoo!.

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They provide long-term growth capital for visionaries willing to take calculated risks. Innovation is at the heart of what they do – from their investment process to how they work with their portfolio companies post funding. For each investment decision they make, Tracker Capital seeks out opportunities where founders can benefit from their experience in operations and finance. This partnership also helps them garner an intimate understanding of founders’ visions and develop relationships that stand the test of time.

Reasons for Investing in Pivotal Commware

Tracker Capital Management recognized the potential of Pivotal Commware and its role in enabling faster and more reliable 5G communication networks. As a result, we are excited to lead their series C investment of $50M. The following outlines the reason for Tracker Capital’s investment in Pivotal Commware:

  1. Pivotal Commware’s holographic beam-forming technology is a key enabling technology that will allow 5G networks to benefit from faster speeds and coverage that extends greater distances than traditional antennas.
  2. Holographic beams also have much less signal interference on surrounding channels, helping with crowded public spaces by not interfering with other beams or communications systems in use nearby.
  3. The application of this technology will allow significantly lower deployment costs and the ability to place beams anywhere, without line-of-sight constraints giving way for regional expansion of these services at an unprecedented scale, unlocking new market potentials.
  4. There is a growing demand for more bandwidth across urban, semi-urban as well as rural markets worldwide given the rapid rise in broadband applications coupled with increased usage patterns arising from streaming media services along with other new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality which can take advantage from essentially unlimited bandwidth available from infrastructures enabled by Pivotal Technologies’ holographic antenna solutions leading to greater bandwidth efficiency versus existing infrastructure that mobile carriers deploy today utilizing conventional antennas.

Details of the Funding

Pivotal Commware, a provider of advanced 5G networking solutions, recently closed its C round funding with $50 million. The round’s lead investor was Tracker Capital Management, an institutional investor focused on strategic investments. This investment marks the largest single funding round by the company to date.

Let’s explore the details of the round and what it means for the firm:

Amount of Funding

Pivotal Commware, a Seattle-based startup focused on developing advanced communications technologies, has recently announced a $50 million Series B funding round, led by Tracker Capital Management. The Series B financing is an endorsement of Pivotal’s technology and product portfolio and positions the company to accelerate its commercial growth and development.

This is the largest single fundraising round raised by the company since its establishment in 2017. The funds will further enable Pivotal to offer products that reduce deployment costs and complexity for mobile service operators using 5G technology. Previous investors involving in this round include:

  • Horizons Ventures
  • GV (formerly Google Ventures)
  • Neotribe Ventures
  • Backstage Capital
  • Viz.ai, and others.
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The amount of funding received by Pivotal Commware was $50 million from Tracker Capital Management. Furthermore, the investment from other investors adding up to the total amount of funding was not disclosed.

Investors Involved

Tracker Capital Management, a Denver-based asset management firm, announced its involvement in the $50 million round of funding for Pivotal Commware, Inc. Other investors included existing shareholders such as Cairn Cross and Slow Ventures and new investors such as 50 Years LLC, Anchorage Capital Group LP, Civic Capital LLC and other undisclosed family offices.

The new capital will be used by Pivotal to further accelerate product development and deployment of its innovative reflective beamforming solutions which use holographic beamforming technology for fixed wireless access in both licensed/unlicensed spectrum bands. It will also help them expand into edge computing markets for multi-access holographic radio solutions and continue their drive towards making connectivity faster and more reliable.

This investment showcases investors’ confidence in the highly innovative approach Pivotal is using to meet the growing demand for next-generation connectivity solutions. In addition, this funding round offers the company significant resources to further invest in state-of-the-art research and engineering while greatly expanding their capability to quickly bring groundbreaking solutions to market.

Use of Funds

Pivotal Commware, a Washington State-based startup focused on using antenna technology to create software-definable mobile networks, has announced that it has completed a $50 million financing round led by Tracker Capital Management. This marks the largest funding round in the 3-year history of the company and will enable Pivotal Commware to accelerate its mission to revolutionise access to ultrafast 5G networks worldwide.

In particular, this new round of funding will accelerate deployment of Pivotal’s Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) technology and allow the company to expand its presence in the highly connected and rapidly changing 5G communication infrastructure space. Funds from the endowment will be used for R&D activities such as product development, quantitative analysis, additional patent protection, and expansion of Pivotal’s HBF technology suite. It will also be used for marketing efforts directed towards:

  • Growing distribution channels
  • Establishing strategic partnerships that help advance HBF deployments around the world.

Impact of the Funding

Pivotal Commware, an innovative 5G communications technology leader, has received a big boost in their funding. The C round was led by Tracker Capital Management, and amounted to $50 million. This money will allow Pivotal Commware to fund trails, develop more 5G solutions, and expand their market reach.

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This raises the question – what is the impact of this large sum of money on the company? Let’s delve into the intricacies of the funding and examine its effects.

Benefits to Pivotal Commware

Pivotal Commware, a Redmond, Washington-based startup developing beamforming antennas for in-building 5G networks, has secured $50 million in strategic funding. Led by Tracker Capital Management, the round also included investments from Bell Labs and other international investors. The investment is set to accelerate the growth of Pivotal Commware and its development of pioneering solutions that hold the potential to revolutionise wireless communication and communication infrastructure.

This significant round of funding will have several tangible benefits for Pivotal Commware that could augment the growth trajectory of the company:

  • It enables access to more resources both in terms of financial capital as well as additional expertise offered by Tracker Capital Management and other institutional investors involved in this round.
  • With this injection of funds, Pivotal Commware will now be able to scale up its operations faster and allocate resources effectively towards achieving their objectives faster.
  • It also provides access to new markets that may not have been accessible without such support from external stakeholders like Bell Labs etc.
  • The increased credibility associated with acquisitions from respected investors should help create more trust for their products among potential customers.
  • Furthermore, access to external technology or markets can also provide better opportunities for partnerships or mergers at a later stage when so desired.

Benefits to Tracker Capital Management

Tracker Capital Management, a venture capital company focusing on information technology and financial services, recently led a $50 million Series C funding round for Pivotal Commware, which develops AI-based broadcast hardware and software solutions. As the lead investor of this financing round, Tracker Capital Management will likely gain several advantages.

The main benefit that Tracker Capital Management has gained from leading this round of financing is the chance to invest in a high-potential technology company. By investing in Pivotal Commware, Tracker Capital Management can benefit from its growth potential and enjoy gains as it expands over time.

Additionally, by leading the fund-raising efforts for Pivotal Commware’s Series C investment round, Tracker Capital Management has gained access to an established network of industry contacts at other investors in the round. This could be key to developing important partnerships that could help drive future opportunities for both Pivotal Commware and Tracker Capital Management.

Beyond these more tangible benefits, there are also likely to be some less visible benefits associated with investing in Pivotal Commways. For example:

  • Players within the venture capital ecosystem will recognize Tracker Capital Management’s involvement in this high profile deal and may be more likely to engage with them on future investments due to their successful participation in this well known series C funding round.

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