iPhone is a brilliant piece of hardware and software combined. However, we all know how fragile it can be – especially the glass front. Even though you might take your iPhone to an authorised service provider for repairs and checking, there are still some things you should try to fix at home first. Here’s our guide on how to clean up your iPhone at home.

The front of your iPhone is especially susceptible to dirt and dust, which over time can build up and create an unsightly blemish on the display. Not to mention that it can also affect your screen’s touch sensitivity. So if you want to keep your phone looking as good as new, here are a few ways to clean it up!

How to Clean the iPhone’s Speaker Slot

First, take your iPhone and turn it off. You can do this by holding down the power button until the shutdown slider appears. Slide it to kill all power. After that put your iPhone into airplane mode; you can do this by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the settings menu which you should tap on if you haven’t done that already.

Once your iPhone is switched to airplane mode, you can now wipe the front and back sides of your phone with a dry microfiber cloth. Make sure it’s clean and without any dust particles on it before using. After this proceed by putting your iPhone back into normal mode (i.e. not airplane mode) and turn it on. You can do this by holding down the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Now for the tricky part: the speaker slot is at the bottom of your iPhone. This is a common place for dirt and dust to accumulate, so it’s important to clean it properly. You can do this by using a small, pointy object like a needle or toothpick. You can also use an earbud that you never use again – anything small and clean is fine as long as it’s not sharp enough to damage your phone.

How to Clean the iPhone’s Camera Lens And Flash?

You should be careful about cleaning the outside parts of your iPhone as well. The metal surfaces such as the buttons, volume rocker and the dock connector can be easily scratched, so you’ll need to use a soft cloth and be very gentle. You can also use a toothbrush with some soap to clean off any dirt or dust that might have built up around the camera lens and flash.

How to Clean the iPhone’s Ear Speaker?

The ear speaker is another part that you should be careful with. The ear speaker is the small black grille on the bottom of your iPhone, and if you use a toothbrush and soap to clean it, there’s a chance that water might seep in through the microphone port located directly above. So instead, what we suggest is using something like compressed air or Q-tips to clean it.

How to Clean the iPhone’s Dock Connector and Headphone Jack?

The dock connector and headphone port can collect a lot of dust and dirt in time, so you’ll need to remove any accessories such as headphones or chargers before cleaning them. Use a toothbrush with some soap on it, but be gentle! Water can get in through the microphone port, so you’ll have to let it dry out before using your iPhone again.

In order to clean the exterior of your iPhone, use a soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe down the display and any metal parts. If there is stubborn dirt or dust that a cloth cannot remove, a toothbrush with toothpaste can help. Just be sure to avoid getting the phone wet. For the ear speaker, use compressed air or Q-tips instead of water. Finally, for the dock connector and headphone jack, use a toothbrush with soap and be very gentle so as not to damage any ports.

In Conclusion

So there you have it – a few simple ways to clean your iPhone and keep it looking as good as new! Just be sure to be careful when cleaning the camera lens and flash, the ear speaker, and the dock connector and headphone jack. And always remember to turn your phone off before cleaning!