One of Skyrim’s strengths is its amazing modding community, which has created thousands upon thousands of player-made mods for the game over the years since its release in 2011.

These range from simple texture updates to complete overhauls that drastically alter the layout and design of the game environment. This post is a list of medium armor mods for Skyrim, which can be used to change how characters look when they equip those respective types of armor.

Skyrim Medium Armor Mod

One thing that all medium armor mods share in common is their ability to increase damage resistance against physical attacks.

As it turns out, the average chestpiece in Skyrim provides only 33% physical damage resistance, whereas heavy armor protects against 55% of ranged and melee damage. This means that upgrading to a medium chestpiece is an easy way to increase your defenses by 22%, which will surely come in handy in fights against enemies who favor close-up combat.

Everything about this mod is great. It offers a massive amount of customization to the player, with dozens upon dozens of recolorable areas and optional textures and seams for various parts of the armor (see it in action here). The mod is also frequently updated by its creator, who seems very open to suggestions and takes requests from fans. If you’re looking for a high-quality and versatile armor mod for Skyrim, look no further than this.

Where To Find Mods For Skyrim Medium Armor

The combat is challenging and the player will have to fight tactically, using their shield to block attacks from enemies that come from all sides. The new stamina mechanic also makes fights more dynamic and engaging as it prevents players from simply mashing on their attack button. For more, see our full review.