If you’re searching for a list of the most incredible flying games, you might find it difficult to choose just one because the best plane games are such a large category. Some of the top PC aircraft games with a representation from each genre to help you organize your choices and find something that suits your tastes include the following.

War Thunder

War Thunder started as one of the best free aviation games available, as seen by its flight dynamics, a vast selection of authentic aircraft, and accurate ballistics modeling. Still, it also boasts tanks and naval fights.

The roster of planes in War Thunder has undergone continuous revision, updating, and expansion over the seven years since the game’s debut. It now features eight distinct countries’ aircraft over six classes. You’ll need to employ actual dogfight strategies and maneuvers to survive these multiplayer clashes. War Thunder excels at vehicular combat to the point where it has also made our list of the top PC tank games.

Aviator Game

This game is quite well-liked by users of online casinos. The fact that you are in charge of everything is one of them. Only you may decide when you wish to withdraw your earnings. Your wager will be forfeited if you are overly greedy and cash out before the plane takes off. This game’s significant social component is one of its other outstanding points. While all bets are placed on the same field, winnings can be taken out at any time.

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The list of active bettors is shown on the left side of your screen. Like many other online casino games, openness is the critical component of the Aviator Game. For any player who might have any doubts, a probable fair is available to show them that this game is random. By selecting the tiny green shield icon in the game rounds history, you can verify this is provably fair.


Superflight doesn’t include any airplanes, but we’re still having it because it feels incredible to fly around in it. It’s impressive that Superflight, a game about flying down a dangerous mountain in a wingsuit while earning points as you fly near rock formations, is one of the most tranquil games out there. The randomly generated nature of each level ensures that there is always a sense of discovery. If you find a seed you enjoy, you may store it and challenge friends to beat your score.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Squadrons is an arcade-style flying game featuring colossal space battles, ferocious dog fighting at its core, and plenty of fun. Squadrons have a relatively high skill ceiling, even though it’s simple to get into. Nevertheless, it feels great to kill your enemies with grace and manage your power distribution. The brief but sweet campaign is fun from beginning to end, but the multiplayer action will keep you coming back for weeks or even months.

Just a shame that EA’s post-launch plans are presently limited to merely aesthetic improvements. It is still among the best Star Wars games in a long time, and it’s also a fantastic flying game.

Sky Rogue

Sky Rogue, a neon-lit arcade fighter jet game, is one of the few plane games that forsake realism with as much blatant abandonment as it does. It may appear simple at first, but it has a lot of depth. You choose your jet, customize the weapons system, and put on a livery that channels your inner Tom Cruise before each procedurally generated mission. Then, it’s just a matter of barreling through the level and blowing everything to smithereens.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

The most recent version of this game does an excellent job of capturing your attention with its realistic graphics and damage modeling. In addition, it performs admirably as a solid flying sim. It is also surprisingly approachable for beginners.

You can get a lot of the sense that you’re in the cockpit of a real World War Two fighter by paying attention to small things like water running over the canopy when flying through clouds or AI enemies flying toward the sun to make you lose track of them. Finding a match is not troublesome, thanks to the game’s passionate multiplayer dogfighting community.

Arma 3

In contrast to most combat plane games, Arma 3 lets you take control of a jet fighter and contribute to the action by strafing heavy tanks and launching airstrikes. Although the flight dynamics and mechanics aren’t as complex as some of the other challenging flying games on this list, there is still much room for expertise.

Managing your position and employing a range of missiles to destroy targets from a great height above the battlefield are the main components of air-to-air combat. Air-to-ground aircraft also play a crucial role, and today’s technology, such as laser-guided missiles and anti-armor cannons, makes skilled pilots indispensable on the battlefield. If you become sick of flying, many helicopters are also available.


Airplane-themed games have grown tremendously not only in India but across the world. These sought-after games and many more are found on sites like Parimatch, which offers a great gaming experience for beginners or experienced players.