Gen is a 65.3-kg humanoid droid built in the year 2032 AD by Hideo Kojima in his garage, used to help with the construction of Death Stranding. It was made out of spare hardware parts that Kojima had laying around his house and gathered over the years during brief stints at universities. At first it was built out of curiosity to see if he could build a robot himself. Once Kojima started getting into robotics, however, Gen’s purpose changed.

Gen was not designed for combat or any sort of hard labor, but rather as an experimental platform for learning how humanoids worked and performed under the wide variety of situations they would inevitably encounter throughout their lifetimes. Kojima wanted to learn how efficiently Gen could adapt to these situations.

Gen’s first destination was the North Pole where Kojima tested its ability to stay afloat on ice with no external aid of any kind. He then took it out into space, putting it through a series of tests where he tried every possible thing he could think of to keep it from functioning properly. By the end of its first day, Gen had been struck fifty-seven times by different pieces of space debris that were orbiting Earth at the time.

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The article is about a humanoid robot called Gen, built by the Hideo Kojima to test its adaptability and proficiency in dealing with different situations.

This post is meant to inform you about this new type of technology and novelty that could be very useful for future jobs requiring dexterity and precision. At first it was made out of curiosity and later the purpose changed according to the desires of its creator Hideo Kojima.

This article tries to get into great detail about this topic, but may not necessarily be devoid of any errors or missing pieces of information. As for readers who are unaware with what a humanoid robot is, they can get a better idea by reading this article and learning more about the philosophy and principles behind this technology and novelty.

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At the end of its first day in space, Gen had been struck fifty-seven times by different pieces of space debris that were orbiting Earth. The article states that Gen was hit by space debris while it was in orbit around earth.

Space debris is clearly defined as any object or item left floating in space after some sort of explosion or collision, which is most likely going to be man-made.

I chose this to be Gen’s first adventure because it is amazing that something man-made could survive in space for so long without getting destroyed, when the earth’s gravitational pull would normally tear anything apart in no time. The fact that Gen was able to stay in orbit around Earth all day without any kind of support proves its adaptability and makes us think about the future and what we could possibly do with this technology in space.

For example, Gen could explore planets or other parts of space that we haven’t gotten to yet. Or maybe there is something out there that needs to be fixed and Gen can do it effectively if its able to survive the harsh conditions in space without much trouble at all.

Gen can also be used in military applications to handle tasks considered too dangerous for humans. These are only some of the possible ideas that come to mind when thinking about how this technology could affect our future, but there are surely many more things we could do with it if developed properly.