If you’ve been into gaming, chances are you’ve also started your gaming hobby playing good old Solitaire on your Windows 98. Or maybe even Windows 95?

Legendary times! But back in those days beating the computer at playing cards couldn’t earn you money. Now, it can. And let’s be honest, gamers tend to need more money in their lives.

This is where online casinos come in!

If you’re a good gamer, you might want to try and test your skill against some of the more formidable games that online casinos offer. And make money. Or lose some. But hey, that’s the exciting part, no?

Regardless if you’re a total “n00b” gamer or an experienced casino player, here are some of the best 50 notable online casinos for you to try.

And who knows, maybe some day you’ll want to take a break from gaming, and pay an actual casino a visit too? They often offer delicious food, exciting entertainment shows and beautiful natural sights – so, let’s keep it in the cards.

51. Casino Prado


A rather classy casino in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, sunny and charming Barcelona. If you want to take a vacation to Spain but also enjoy a good casino experience, Casino Prado is your go-to destination!

50. Vertex Mason


Hosted by Game Center, this page will redirect you to a very simple website linking you to many online Chinese gambling games and online casinos in China. If you’re a gamer who likes to cut their teeth on some basic casino games, this is for you.

49. ArmaHolic


An online Jackpot casino in Indonesia with an ever-increasing, progressive Jackpot reward! Can you jackpot the jackpot, or is the jackpot gonna jackpot you?

48. PasarPoker88


An upcoming online Japanese casino that is gaining in popularity, and they’re proud and transparent about showing their wins. Be warned though, you better know Japanese, and know it well!

47. Firing Squad


Less of an actual casino and more of a review center for online casinos. Still, it hosts many games and offers plenty of tips and tricks for gamers new to online casino games, as well as reviews for online casinos and associated recommendations.

46. Dazzle Casino


A fresh and coming online casino in English. Offers a ton of games, clear instructions, and you can even play Monopoly on it! Perfect for gamers who want to try out an online casino game or two.

45. Planet Phillip


A rather simple but functional online casino from Thailand. You can play Joker, Jackpot games, slot machine games and many more.

44. Slots Adviser


A rather new online casino page, that nonetheless contains an absolute wealth of slot machine games. There are hundreds of games to choose from. If you’re into beating slot machines, you can now try and beat them online on Slot Adviser!

43. Money Reels


Money Reels is yet another online casino website absolutely packed with interesting and engaging slot machine and other types of casino games. You can find any theme here, from spinning to win in a deep jungle surrounded by jaguars, all the way to trying to climb the Egyptian pyramids! If you’re a gamer who’s sick and tired of ordinary games, Money Reels is a good starting point for learning how to play online casino games.

42. Slots Z


Part online casino, part online casino blog, Slot-Z is trying to be both informative and fun. And we have to say it’s a good change!

41. Online Casino US


A good resource for both playing online casino games and checking out how each online casino ranks against each other (this page offers up to date tracking and ranking of all American online casinos!) If you’re not sure where to start your casino career, Online Casino US is a solid starting point.

40. Mercenaries Guild


Upon visiting this page you may not realize that you’re treading on the Mercenaries’ Guild terrain… Because it’s in Japanese! And that’s because it’s a Japanese online casino. All tongue in cheek remarks aside, Mercenaries Guild is a very modern online casino from Japan that’s steeped in manga and anime culture. If you’re that kind of waifu-otaku-ish gamer, this is definitely the online casino for you.

39. Ion Maiden


A simple looking but very fun online casino page. It’s rather new so it’s still not packed with content, but it’s getting there.

38. Castle Jackpot


A quite diverse and engaging online casino hailing from the UK. Keep in mind though, it is also region locked, and only available to people located in the UK. Sorrey, chap!

37. All Out Of Gum


Don’t let the badass English title of the website deceive you. It’s just a badass Indonesian online casino!

36. HM Cindie


Indonesia is killing it with their simple, but fun online casino games. HM Cindie is yet one more example of that. The site however could use some work around its visuals.

35. Site Sled


A good blog (in Thai) that follows race results, betting news and online casino developments. If you’re in Thailand, definitely check this one out. (Or start learning Thai.)

34. Continuous Physics


A website based in Thailand that both hosts and reviews slot machine games, online casinos and the such.

33. Wildwood Casino


A real, Vegas-styled casino with an online component. They’re also hiring currently, so if you ever wanted to get in this business, now’s your chance!

32. Casino Admiral


A popular casino in the Netherlands with a solid online component. Register and play games, or book a stay in their hotel as well and pay the real casino a cozy visit!

31. Mobile Casino Nederland


This is one of the best online casinos in the Netherlands. If you’re a gamer and want to challenge yourself with casino games to win (or lose!) real world money, don’t miss a chance to check it out!

30. Casino Nox


A legendary website from Poland that offers reviews of casinos, follows the latest news in betting and online gambling, and offers many games and helpful tips as well.

29. Grand Casino Beograd


Grand Casino is one of the most popular and well-known casinos in Belgrade, Serbia. They have since added an online component and their website absolutely rocks – and is translated into English and Turkish as well – so this is a 10/10!

28. Trilenium Casino


Trilenium Casino hails from Argentina, and as the name might suggest, it’s a very modern, futuristic looking casino. Their website is also quite good so check it out, and maybe book a trip to wonderful Argentina!

27. Casino City


Casino City may look a bit old-school in its presentation, but make no mistake – this is one of the most informative websites as far as betting and online casino news in Australia go. It’s a trusted resource so definitely keep it on your radar.

26. Eagle River Casino


Have you ever seen a Canadian casino? Neither had I. This is my first time. Apparently Canadian casinos exist… You’re welcome.

25. Fun Casino


A rather fun casino from the UK. (No joke, it really looks a lot of fun!)

24. Online Casinos Switzerland


For those of you who like gambling but also wish to visit Switzerland at some point in your lives, here’s a great Swiss page that can give you everything you want – information about the best casinos included.

23. Blow Casino


A quite traditional, cozy looking casino in Japan. No flashy lights or anything, just good old warm traditional Japanese atmosphere. It has an online component as well. If you’re looking for something different, this is it.

22. Casino Ohne Anmeldung


A popular German online casino, with tons of games to play, tons of resources and news – and good English translation. Willkommen!

21. Casino Anmel Desler


A quality, simple to use online casino from Norway. Many games to play and the navigation is quite simple, so don’t worry about the English (or lack of it.)

20. Casino Cherbourg


Have you ever been to France? No? Well here’s a good excuse to pay the French a visit. The casino also features good-looking, attractively-clad personnel so… who needs games? Vive la France!

19. Casino Da Madeira


Hailing from the charming Madeira region in Portugal, this is one of the best casinos in the world. Portugal has a history with gambling, so you can only expect the best here.

18. Casino La Canau


Another Top 5 casino in France. Aside from exciting gambling and various games, you will also be served with excellent music, excellent food, and excellent live dancing shows.

17. Casino M8trix


Finally, some good old American casinos on the map. Casino M8trix doesn’t exactly fit in the “good and old” category though, because it’s new. But it’s also very good! Check out their website and if you like what you see, pay California a visit. We guarantee you’ll like it.

16. Casino Pride Nepal


Situated in the Hyatt Residency at Kathmandu, Nepal, Casino Pride Nepal really has a fitting name. Play exciting games, enjoy delicious food, get to know the local culture, feast on the beautiful sights and get a breath of fresh, Himalayan air. This casino’s pride is well-deserved. (It’s also gamer friendly and the internet connection is fire, so you can also bring your gaming laptop too, if you like. Far Cry 4 hits different when you’re in the actual country, just saying.)

15. Casino Tructuyen 6T


One of the best Vietnamese online casinos. You can find all types of games here, from slot machines to online roulette and poker sessions, and a lot of information about the casinos in Vietnam. Recommended!

14. Fond Du-Luth Casino


Situated in Duluth, Minnesota, the Fond Du-Luth Casino is another up and coming, but ambitious casino. You can really find everything a proper casino should have here, enjoying your stay and perhaps even deciding to come again.

13. Grand Lake Casino


Sitting almost smack dab at the geographical center of the USA, this rustic Oklahoman casino is sure to leave a fond impression in your heart. Enjoy poker and other games, then bask in the warm glow of a cozy wood cabin. What’s not to like!

12. Grand River Casino


When it comes to classic looking American casinos, this is one of the best ones. Located in Mobridge, South Dakota, the Grand River Casino just really captures that good old “Americana” charm. If you wanna feel like in a Hollywood movie, this is the place.

11. Grand Traverse Resort & Casinos


Need both a vacation and a good time at a casino? Look no further! The Grand Traverse Resort & Casinos is almost the ideal combination of the two – exquisite resort services for all kinds of customers, as well as a number of casinos that have every game imaginable. Time to book a trip to beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia, and have an exciting rest!

10. High Noon Casino


Want to feel like you’re in a Western? Put some tobacco in your mouth and click the link to High Noon Casino, because that’s exactly what you’ll get! Who needs gaming or Red Dead Redemption 2 anyway, when you can actually gamble and feel like a real cowboy in the Wild West? Visit High Noon Casino and, as the saying goes, “Cowboys need nothin’ more than a hat, horse, and the will to ride.”

9. Konocti Vista Casino


A charming casino in Lake County, California. You can use the website to book them a visit, learn more about the casino and the area. Besides the great number of various slot machines and other games, the view of the lake is quite astounding as well. Gamer or not, this is definitely a casino to check out.

8. List Play Online Casino


An informative and easy to navigate online casino website. You can play games here, and learn how to play them to the best of your advantage! You’ll also find news articles and blog posts intended to improve your skills. One of the best online casinos for gamers, without a doubt.

7. LVD Casino


LVD stands for Lac Vieux Desert, or, in other words, one of the most charming and beautiful lakes in America. You can enjoy the sights and the nature while also staying at the LVD Casino, and play a game or two. Or three. Or four… You know how it goes. Pro Tip: leave your gaming laptop at home and stop being a gamer for a couple of days. The nature is beautiful and you’ll be grateful you took our advice.

6. Mazatzal Casino


Mazatzal Casino is situated in Arizona, and you can expect it to represent the local culture well. While the website itself doesn’t offer online gambling, it does provide a lot of useful information about the casino itself – as well as a discount voucher if you book online! So grab the discount, book your room, and either start winning some money – or play a game or two in your room. Duh!

5. Nordic Bet Casino


Online betting is currently huge in Norway, and Nordic Bet Casino sure exemplifies that. Aside from online betting on sports games, the website has an online poker component and an app with even more online gambling games. It’s the perfect starting point for gamers that would like to try delving into the world of online casino games.

4. Online Australian Casinos


An excellent resource if you’re new in Australia, or just an Aussie who’s looking to try some slot machines or other casino games at reputable casinos. The website lists all of Australia’s casinos per reputation. Solid resource for newbies and gamers alike. We give it a 10/10.

3. River Bend Casino & Hotel


A modern casino in Oklahoma. Book your hotel room, enjoy the casino, and down a glass of champagne… Pure class. That’s River Bend Hotel and Casino for you! (You can also bring your gaming laptop for your gamer needs… Just saying.)

2. Rosebud Casino


Rosebud has sprouted right at the border between South Dakota and Nebraska. As you can imagine it’s quite the busy place, and aside from casino visitors, it’s also attracting many others by hosting popular magic and illusion shows with Mike Super! Come for the wins, stay for the show.

1. Casino City CZ


An old school website in Czech dedicated to ranking and reviewing casinos and betting business, along with a quality dose of up-to-date information. Casino City CZ can be your ultimate resource if you’re new to the Czech Republic and wanna place a bet or two (or turn a slot machine or a dozen).


This was a valiant effort of ours to scour the internet and showcase some of the best online casinos for gamers around the world. We hope you’ll find it useful! If not, drop us a comment. Thank you for reading and… Stay tuned for part 2!