Being a hero who takes down dragons is awesome, and that unique experience is possible when playing Skyrim. There are also different enemies and opponents to be faced, which is the main reason to know your weapons. Among the different ones that can be wielded, swords are often the first choice of players. There are so many of them in Skyrim that the players can lose track of which ones are the best. Some look cool, some are incredibly powerful, and some are utilizing magic to make facing your enemies much easier. So, which are the strongest swords in Skyrim?


As a game in which the main objective is to kill dragons, we have to start with a sword specially designed for those purposes. Dragonbane is a powerful weapon in the hands of the Dragonborn, as it allows him to inflict more damage on these beasts. It offers as great a chance of success, as does to its players, and that can’t be ignored. Besides its base stats, it adds 40 damage against dragons and 10 shock damage to non-dragon enemies. It is a very nice-looking katana type of sword that can be found during Alduin’s Wall quest. It is also very light and doesn’t affect your carrying capacity.

Miraak’s Sword

One of the most authentic-looking swords in the game is the Miraak’s Sword which can be obtained by killing Miraak in the quest “At the Summit of Apocrypha”. The uniqueness of this weapon is in the long tentacle that goes around the blade itself. It is very useful as its appearance suggests that the blade is fully charged. It is one of the lightest one-handed weapons in the game, and the lightest sword. Combined with the largest base physical damage, it makes it a necessary piece of inventory for every Dragonborn hero. Did we mention that it absorbs the enemy’s stamina upon impact?

Blade of Woe

The Dark Brotherhood’s missions shouldn’t be spoiled to anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to play them as they are incredibly well written and executed. Trust us, it is more important to play them and their mods than the main mission. Playing through them, Dragonborn can acquire the Blade of Woe.


Incredibly light weapon that has an awesome name. Fun fact is that players can acquire it without completing the quests, but instead, they can pickpocket it from the Brotherhood’s member called Astrid.

Dragonbone Sword

One of the most unique weapons in the game is the sword made of the bones of dragons that your character defeats. Upon killing the higher-level dragons, they will drop extremely rare materials that can be utilized to make this awesome-looking sword. Its design is out of this world, and it must spark respect from the enemies when they see you wielding the Dragonbone sword. It requires the maximum smithing skill and the dragon armor perk to build it. But don’t despair, the damage it inflicts is worth it.

Nightingale Blade

The missions in which players are a part of the Thieves Guild are some of the most fun ones. There are twists and turns throughout the whole thing, and at some point, Dragonborn discovers the presence of a secret sect called the Nightingales within the guild. They are the ones that protect the shrines dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Luck and Darkness, called Nocturnal. It would be pointless if they didn’t possess a specialized weapon, and theirs is called the Nightingale Blade.


It was the weapon of the former guild master, and it can be leveled and enchanted, which is its main strength.


Skyrim offers a chance to wield some awesome-looking and powerful weapons, and players generally prefer swords. When equipping them they feel like a true hero, and some of these weapons may make them invincible. The ones we mentioned in this article are among the strongest ones, so try your best to find them and kill off your enemies with ease.