When you run around the open-world map of Skyrim, you will see some of the most beautiful sites and engage in combat with many different enemies. The civil war that has been wagered between the Imperials and Stormcloaks will leave you exposed to attacks. Besides them, there are bandits, Forsworn, and many other magical creatures that want to kill you. However, besides these enemies, there is a far more realistic and serious threat to your adventuring. We are talking about the animals that can be found roaming around the map. Some of them are very deadly, and we wanted to analyze them.


One of the toughest animals in the whole of Skyrim is the mammoth. These gigantic creatures offer small chances for survival when encountered, unlike the ones on strafe.com. Besides being very strong and powerful, they have a lot of health. It may be exhausting trying to fight them, but don’t be fooled by their massiveness. They are slow while they roam around, but when provoked they speed themselves up. And if you think you can beat them, keep in mind they are always moving in herds, and with giants who consider them pets and are very protective of them.


One of the main disadvantages of Skyrim is being unable to defend while swimming. And that is a situation when you don’t want to stumble upon horkers. They look silly while on land, massive and slow. But in the water, they are much faster and more dangerous for swimmers.


You will need some luck to avoid them while in water or the speed to outrun them and be safe on land. Even there they will put up a fight and deal considerable amounts of damage. Just like other animals you may see in Skyrim, there is also a horker that is much stronger than the others. He is named Lord Tusk and can be found on Solstheim.

Sabre Cat

Ferocious cats that can attack you almost everywhere you go. They are fast and deadly and require quick reflexes from the players to stay alive. They attack with their claws and teeth and move around at a great pace. It is probably a better idea to equip lighter armor to move faster and avoid their attacks. What is even more important, they prefer to sneak up on their prey, so if you are not careful enough, it can be too late before you notice them. Important advice about these predators: forget about outrunning them. When being attacked by a mammoth, players can run away in different ways. However, with Sabre cats, that is not possible. It is far better to stand your ground and fight.


These massive forest predators are difficult to beat, especially at low levels. They have a lot of health and power in those massive paws. Players who stumble upon them need to move fast to beat them.


And the trouble is that they are present in almost every part of the map. Luckily, they are very big and loud and can be spotted from a distance. In that way, Dragonborn can sneak past and avoid conflict if they are not ready to face them. Also, there is more than one type of bear, the strongest being the snow bear. They have even more health and resistance to frost damage. This makes them even more resilient and resistant, as the frost damage is often used to slow down the tougher enemies.


Maybe the mages, conjurers, specters, ghosts, and monsters will scare you more, but the animals of Skyrim have an equal chance of killing you in an instant. They are carefully designed and deadly, especially if underestimated. These are the most dangerous ones, so prepare yourself when stumbling upon them. And we considered dragons as magical creatures, making them a whole new level of threat.