If you want to advance in a game, you need to have the best gear and all the funds you can muster. In Skyrim, the best way to find these things is by looting the barrows. These tombs have a written history of Skyrim that is both interesting and full of helpful clues for various quests. Raids are an integral part of this game and can sometimes be a little repetitive and boring. Get inside, kill the enemies, check every chest, solve a puzzle, and get out. To avoid this, maybe you should focus on the best ones. Therefore, the list of the best barrows to raid.


The tomb of Ansilvund is more important than you can imagine at the first sight of it. We are certain that not even thegruelingtruth.com doesn’t have the answer to what you are stopping when completing this barrow. When you enter, you will hear the chilling voice of Lu’ah Al-Skaven, the main resident of this tomb, where she is preparing her vengeance. In an attempt to bring back her husband, she dabbled in the forbidden arts of necromancy. Since her mission was not a successful one, she decided to bring other undead thralls and cleanse Skyrim of the living. Ghosts of Fjori and Holgeir are forced to assist her, and if you free them by killing her you will receive an amazing sword as a prize.


Barrows offer some of the coolest armor sets or the deadliest weapons you can find. The tomb in which Kvenel the Tongue is resting (well, sort of), is the place where you will find legendary quality weapons. They are named Eduj and Okin. The map of the tomb is big but extremely rewarding.


A complex maze of tunnels will have the players running around in the search for a sword and an axe. They are needed as a sort of key to unlock the burial chamber in which Kvenel resides. His ghost will not look kindly at your thieving habits and will put up a fight for these items. Besides their base damage, they add 10 frost damage to health and stamina.


This is a tomb that offers more context on the characters from the game. When Dragonborn stumbles upon it, he will find a character in front that has information about the treasures within. Valmir is an officer who is working for both the Imperial and Stormcloak sides, and he wants the mask of great power hidden inside the tomb. Of course, he has no intention of going to the creepy barrow himself, so he strikes a deal with our hero. The tomb is huge, and more importantly the home of the Dragon Cult. After the battle with the undead priest, and obtaining the prize, Dragonborn returns to Valmir who shows his shifting nature once again.

Hag’ End

Some of the most annoying enemies in Skyrim are the Forsworn. They represent nature-cult rebels in the Reach. You will fight them on multiple sites and occasions, and in those, you will find some of their notes and documents.


There you will see the mentions of the Matriarch, however, you will not meet her until the visit to the barrow called Hag’s End. You will have a battle with their leader which is not an easy one. She can teleport herself around but upon completion, you will be rewarded with the dagger Bloodthorn.


As one of the best games of all time, Skyrim offers many adventures and quests. To build your character and have the best equipment and weapons, you will need to go through the many barrows on the map. Some of them may be repetitive, with waves of similar Draugrs attacking you, preventing you from reaching the prize you want. These are some of the best barrows that offer great rewards or interesting stories for the players, so check them out when you get the chance.