One of the best games of all time, without a doubt. The Elder Scrolls is one of the best franchises in the world, and the video game community is thankful for it. Skyrim was a hit when it came out, uniting critics and players in an assessment that this might be the best game from the series. The only thing that is contributing to the ones who state that Oblivion is better than Skyrim, is the main quest. Skyrim had a great story, but the ending was unsatisfying to many. However, while the main quest, or its ending, was disappointing, the side quests excelled in quality. Some of them became legendary and are the reason why players come back to play Skyrim again.

A Night to Remember

Skyrim was released in 2011, while the movie Hangover is two years older. It seems someone in the Skyrim development team was in love with the movie. The Quest A Night to Remember allows the players to meet a mysterious character in a tavern who will challenge them in a drinking contest. We reckon that even Jaxon doesn’t have the odds to offer the players to guess what comes next. The morning after sees the Dragonborn wondering what happened, and without any spoilers we will mention the temple, giant’s toe, and a goat.

Blood on the Ice

There are several quests in which gamers will have to use their brains instead of their strength. They have the vibe of True Detective episodes, from season one of course. In them, there is not so much fighting or shooting from the Greatbow. Instead, the players must investigate some situations, or in other cases, murders. The city of Windhelm is the site of the gruesome murder and it is Dragonborn’s job to figure out what has happened. By looking at the clues and investigating people, players will feel like Sherlock Holmes. And soon, they will discover how hard it is to be the greatest detective in Skyrim.

Frostflow Abyss

The next one starts as an investigation yet has a more twisted turn. When players enter the Frostflow Lighthouse they will find the corpse of a woman and a Chaurus carcass. The site looks like the battle occurred before Dragonborne’s arrival.


The player needs to find diaries and notes to completely understand the story and the quality of this quest. In them, they will find out that the family that resided in the lighthouse heard “scratching noises”, but had rational explanations about their origins. Ultimately, that led to their gruesome demise, but our hero can bring them the revenge and justice they deserve.

House of Horrors

Besides the name of the quest, which is already problematic enough, this mission will send a player on an ethical and moral struggle. When players approach the abandoned house, a character named Vigilant Tyranus will tell them that he needs their help to investigate the Abandoned House.


Once inside, you will find out that maybe this courageous venture was a foolish one. Upon facing a Daedric Prince, Molag Bal, Dragonborn will have to perform an unsettling task to stay alive and win rewards. However, if one has the stomach for it, the rewards for this quest are amazing.


As a game that won numerous awards, Skyrim is still one of the greatest ones in the gaming community. Even though the release was in 2011, the side quests are bringing the hardcore fans back for more and making the ones who never played it curious to find out what all the hype is about. The quests that we mentioned are among the best ones and a reason to start playing Skyrim, again or for the first time.