Bingo is a legendary game. It’s been played by countless different generations and is still incredibly popular to this day. There’s been a twist, though, because online bingo and mobile bingo are king now. Sure, traditional bingo halls are still popular, but most people are playing the online version of it these days. So, if you want to join in the fun and get started with online bingo, too, you can! With the help of this guide, discover everything you need to know about online bingo — and we mean everything.

How Does Online Bingo Work?

Online bingo is basically the same as real-life bingo, whether you play 90-ball,80-ball, or 75-ball bingo. Whichever variation of online bingo you choose, the same exact rules apply. The only difference is that you’re playing over the internet, so everything is done through your PC or smartphone screen. Once the game starts, the numbers are drawn electronically and displayed front-and-center of the screen (so you can’t miss them). Whenever you successfully land a number, it will automatically be marked off your card. The numbers will then continue to be called until a player has crossed enough off to win a prize — easy!

At the moment, 90-ball bingo is the most popular of the bunch, so we’ll use it as an example. Generally, after entering a 90-ball bingo lobby, you’ll find up to twelve other online players. And, fun fact, there will also be a ‘Chat Room’ to the side of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to talk and interact with these other players, whether it’s wishing each other good luck or making jokes. Before the game officially starts, players get to purchase 3×9 grid tickets, where each row has 5 numbers and 4 empty spaces. Once tickets have been purchased, the game of online bingo will begin, with each player having the objective to achieve any of the following:

🎉 ONE LINE 5 numbers across a single line
🎉 TWO LINES  10 numbers across two lines
🎉 FULL HOUSE All 15 numbers listed on the ticket

Once all three types of winning combinations have been successfully announced, the 90-ball game of bingo will finish. Depending on which site you use to play 90-ball bingo, though, there might be multiple rounds, so you’ll need to stick around to receive your new tickets and start the next round.

Naturally, you’ll receive different tickets based on the variation of online bingo that you play. For example, with online 30-ball speed bingo, the tickets have 3×3 grids and you can only win by reaching a ‘Full House’. For some people, this type of online bingo is most fun, so they exclusively stick with that. You, though, might prefer 75-ball bingo, so you can play that instead. It’s all about personal preference and finding bingo sites that offer the type of bingo you enjoy the most.


If you’re someone who enjoys the human element of bingo, then here’s a fun little tip for you: play live bingo. This is just like normal online bingo, except everything is done in real-time with a human presenter via video stream, almost like you’re playing in an actual bingo hall. Plus, live bingo tends to have bigger and tastier prizes, which is why its popularity level is growing fast in the online bingo community.

The Benefits of Playing Online Bingo

Online bingo has skyrocketed in popularity because of the benefits attached to it. The most exciting benefit is that it allows you to play on-the-go, no matter where you are in the world. Thrown on top of this, you also have the luxury of being able to pick and choose the bingo variations you like, so everything is crafted around your own personal preference. Perhaps best of all, online bingo also allows you to make new friends through the chat rooms, creating a fun and social environment for everyone to enjoy.

Can You Play Online Bingo for Real Money?

Yes — absolutely. Most people today play online bingo for real money usingbingo sites and online casinos. The way this works is that you join your chosen site, make a cash deposit, use it to play rounds of online bingo, and chase after different prizes. Usually, the money you win is based on the price of the tickets and how many total tickets were sold before the game started.

Is It Possible to Play Online Bingo for Free Instead?

Not everyone wants to play online bingo for real money — and this is 100% understandable. Instead, many bingo fans simply want to play online bingo for free using sweepstakes casinos, which are a special type of money-free online casino where you don’t have to bet anything at all. The best part about this is that the sweeps model allows for bingo to be played in most states, which is great news if you live in the US.

Is Online Bingo Fixed? No!

Online bingo is not fixed. It’s 100% legitimate, fair, and random. This is because of the RNGs (Random Number Generators) that bingo sites use. RNG technology ensures that all of the bingo numbers are chosen at complete random, which makes wins and losses as fair as humanly possible.


With real life bingo, you have a human presenter in front of a crowd who pulls the numbers out of a hat, so everyone knows that it’s fair. When it comes to online bingo, everything is done in the background by computer software, so some people naturally question the legitimacy and fairness of the game. However, we can tell you for certain that there’s nothing to be concerned about, as online bingo has an excellent reputation and there’s never been any reported cases of cheating or scams. To be on the safe side, though, make sure you only ever choose official online bingo sites, online casinos, or sweepstakes casinos to play your favorite bingo games.


Moving forward, bingo is probably going to become an online-exclusive game, with millions of people making the switch from bingo halls to online lobbies. Whether you’re an experienced bingo player or have never played it once in your life, it’s definitely recommended. And don’t forget that there are now tons of variations of online bingo to play, from classic 90-ball bingo to even Vegas-style bingo slot machines, which have fast become a big hit in online casinos. Fingers-crossed, you’ll get plenty of big wins along the way.