Looking at the vast extent of games within the casino world, plenty of different types of games are available. Every slot game on offer provides you with different mechanics and features that can make it more exciting than the last. Varying graphic design aspects and bonuses set each game on its path and can make your gaming experience much more exciting.

One highly popular aspect that must be considered when choosing a slot game is the existence of Jackpot features. Jackpots are very rewarding and can boast great winning potential for a slot that could otherwise be standard. In addition, these prizes can reach some immense heights depending on the type of Jackpot that they are. We will discuss the different types of Jackpots in this piece, so keep reading.

These types of Jackpot slots have unique identities that allow players to differentiate themselves from others. In addition, these different Jackpots can change various aspects, such as the prize size, how you win it, the number of prizes, and more.

Different Types of Slot Game Jackpots

Regarding how a Jackpot operates, many aspects can change this. If you choose a game to play, you may want to look at the whole collection and determine which options catch your eye the most. As mentioned, this article will look at the different types of Jackpots for you so that you identify them when you look for a new game to play.

Local Jackpots

The locality in which a game is featured can influence the operation of the Jackpot. This relates to the idea that the Jackpot can be machine based or work across several slots. These local jackpots have a collective payout which is added to whenever a player spins the reels and puts more money into the game.


This is the same for traditional physical and online casinos, so it is the most recognized form of Jackpot available with online slot games. The local group of slots that can add to the Jackpot is limited to a specific value, so fewer players are contributing to the Jackpot. This means the jackpot payout will typically be smaller than in a progressive or network jackpot slot.

Network Jackpots

These jackpots are one of the most popular in the world, as they connect a slot to a global network and allow players from around the world to contribute to the same network jackpot. Adding to the value works in the same way as a local jackpot; each spin takes value from each active player. These are also like progressive jackpots, as the prize value continues to rise until somebody wins it, then it resets to the base value. These network jackpots come with low triggered odds and a high variance rate.

Fixed Jackpots

Cash Pot Jackpots are another for a fixed jackpot, and these are probably the simplest when you look at the options. The clue is in the name of this one, as a fixed jackpot comes at a certain value and cannot increase or decrease. These can seem dire to your gambling gameplay, but these jackpots can contain some of the largest values compared to the other types on the list.

Due to this factor, these jackpots can be extra difficult to trigger, making it even more of a triumph if someone happens to activate one of them. The requirements for activating one of these jackpots can seem quite overwhelming compared to other jackpots, making them even more exciting in the long run.  Although the players’ stakes do not contribute to these jackpots, they can still influence the payouts. Without spinning the reels, your actual stake value is what makes the jackpot values worth what they are.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are the ones that most casino players will be aware of. These gain value similarly to Local and Network jackpots, increasing as more players place their bets on the specific slot game. Your attention will be taken by the payout counters that show the steadily increasing jackpot values for the potentially huge prize up for grabs. These prizes for certain games have been known to pay out thousands, and even into the millions, for certain lucky players who caught the jackpots right at their tipping point.

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With Jackpot slots, particularly progressive jackpot slots, the popularity has risen incredibly, which means more players are contributing to the potential prizes all the time. These jackpots can be difficult to activate, which makes sense considering the incredible heights they can reach in value. Upon a progressive jackpot being won, the Jackpot will reset, and the player stakes will build it up again.


Jackpot slots are some of the most exciting online casino games available. To conclude this article, it is clear that adding a jackpot to a popular title will improve gameplay and make more players interested. The jackpot bonus features add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay of a slot and also create the chance for some larger payouts, should the player have luck on their side while playing a jackpot slot.

Many different bonuses and jackpots are available worldwide across many online casino sites. Remember that these are all unique and will be different from the last. If you plan on trying out a new game, you must first ensure you understand the gameplay mechanics and the jackpot feature. Taking time to research a game before putting money on the line could benefit your success in finding the right slot and playing a slot to the best of your ability.

When playing slots in an online casino, there is the risk of losing any staked values. This risk comes from the idea that not every spin can be a winner, and it is important to remember this so you can be responsible with your gambling. No matter the type of Jackpot, Jackpot slots seem more promising than regular slots. Remember that this is not the case, and these jackpots are just a potential, not a guarantee.