There’s never been a better time to be a gamer than right here in the present. The 21st century has delivered so many incredible gaming experiences and opportunities. From the emergence of genre-defining titles like Genshin Impact to virtual reality gaming, we’re truly spoiled for choice.

The gaming industry has even blossomed to the point where it’s now possible to play games professionally — and we’re not just talking about testing games in a development studio here! The rise of eSports has meant that pro gaming is as much of a legitimate career choice as being a professional athlete. Now, not everyone who picks up a controller will make it to the top ranks of eSports superstardom, but becoming a pro gamer isn’t an impossible feat either.

If you have hopes of one day taking a seat on the podium at a professional eSports event, read on for our indispensable guide.

Key Takeaways

Becoming a professional gamer is far from an easy career path. Even if you; ‘re the most naturally-talented gamer in the room, without dedication and a consistent strategy for growth and development you won’t reach the heights you want to achieve.

  • Choose your Genre – Rather than trying to be the best at everything, pick out a specific game or genre that you’re most passionate about.
  • Develop your skills – Carve out dedicated practice time and time afterward to analyse your performance.
  • Vary things up – Professional athletes know the importance of variety in their training schedules and the same applies to pro gamers.
  • Build an Online Presence – Building a following increases your visibility in the gaming community and can attract sponsors.
  • Compete – You won’t get anywhere as a pro gamer if you’re only streaming from your living room!

Picking a Game to Play

With so many games now forming the basis of eSports tournaments, leagues, and events, it can be intimidating to know where to start. The trick is to follow your instincts and go with a game or gaming genre that you really enjoy playing. After all, if you’re not completely passionate about a game, you’ll find it hard to play it for extended practice sessions. It’s entirely up to you whether you go for a title that’s well-established or an up-and-comer, but there are several benefits to choosing the former.

For instance, a game that’s already established as an eSports title already has resources and an infrastructure in place. Take League of Legends, there are hundreds of different tournaments and events centred around the game, from grassroots to elite level, and a quick Google search will bring up tons of resources and player communities.


Adding Variety as a Gamer

Although your goal as a pro gamer is to specialise in one game or genre, don’t be afraid to mix things up a little by exploring new gaming genres just for the fun of it — even if you’re really bad at them! The gaming industry is vast and there are all manner of digital experiences you can play for fun, and, in some cases, you may even develop transferable skills, especially when it come to a mind sport such a chess.

Thanks to digital innovation, it’s possible to access different gaming genres no matter where in the world you’re located, including the dynamic iGaming sector. Gamers in the UK, Europe and some US states can get to grips with a range of casino gaming options, like poker tournaments and online roulette. Even Canadian gamers in more remote provinces can still find diverse games to play by visiting online slots in Canada. Meanwhile you’ll find it easy to play mind sports like chess thanks to platforms such as, which has a global presence.

So, how exactly does playing a range of games help you on your way to becoming an eSports pro? Well, since they’re different from your usual fare they’ll be enjoyable to play, and you’ll have the added bonus of trying something new. You may not develop the exact same skills you would need to play your chosen eSport, but the games we’ve mentioned can give your soft skills a boost. They require effective decision-making, patience, and — especially in the case of casino games — the ability to pace yourself. If you’re playing in a team, for example, patience will be critical.

Of course, a key element of any proper cross-training schedule is rest and recovery, so remember to take care of your body and mind too. Don’t cram in long practice sessions if you have a heavy workday, and when you are at the PC or console for extended periods of time, factor in movement and healthy snack breaks.


Building your Brand

While we don’t believe having a massive online following will automatically lead to a coveted spot on a team like FaZe Clan, building an online presence can help increase your visibility. More importantly, it will create a community around your gaming skills and even encourage more experienced players to collaborate with or support you.

Many beginners make the mistake of thinking that platforms like Twitch and YouTube are only for highly experienced pros. The truth is, anyone can set up a channel and start streaming, but it’s important to be honest about where you are in your gaming journey. Stay humble and share your gameplay from a place of wanting to learn and develop; you’ll find that the global gaming community will be much more welcoming to you.

Get Competing

At some stage, you’re going to need to put yourself forward to enter in-person eSports tourneys, so why not jump in at the deep end and start competing even as a beginner? Now, we’re not suggesting that you’ll be offered a spot to compete at the next International or the LoL Worlds on first try, but you can certainly enter both local and online tournaments and gain plenty of valuable experience.

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