Slot games have always been a favorite for their randomness and how much chance plays into the result. The excitement around slots is about spinning the reels and hoping for the lucky hit that gets you the big prize. While this has been the model for slots for the longest time, younger gamers are demanding more from this ilk of games. A more complex gaming style with more modes is one of the demands gamers are making for slots these days. Software providers have risen up to the challenge. Now you have newer games with immersive storylines, stimulating gameplay, and compelling approaches to new game levels.

With a story-based approach to game progression, role-playing slot games, popularly abbreviated as RPGs, are some of the most popular among the new class of games. RPGs have come with a twist to breathe a new lease of life into slot machines. This category of games seemed to outlive their importance in the casino world but is experiencing a much-needed resurgence among younger players. With mini-games for bonus rounds, players now have a new set of games to enjoy with more compelling action.

RPGs are the Most Wanted Game Genre at Online Casinos

RPGs are just like regular slots in the wider sense of things but with upgrades on the game mechanics and engine. The changes brought onto slots that make them RPGs include storylines with a beginning, a middle part, and an end. RPGs are meant to keep players playing for more quests and the unfolding of the storyline.

With role-playing games, players also unlock better rewards as they go up levels which is another angle about the games that make them such an attraction. Games like these are playable on different online casinos, but you have to find the best platforms to enjoy the full gamut of features. Jackpot City Casino is one of the premium sites on the market that players should consider if they are after immersive gameplay and experience.
You can read about this top-notch operator and see what it has to offer when it comes to new players and RPG slots. But what truly separates RPG slots from other categories, and why are they so popular? Let’s find out.

Game Features that Set RPGs Apart

RPGs are centered on role-playing. Players take on a character whose story they follow as they encounter different challenges along the way. A level-up mechanic is applied by software developers that give progression to the storyline.

The idea behind RPGs is based on psychological justifications deeply entrenched in the player that encourage new habits. As such, players get positive reinforcement by choosing a desirable outcome.

RPGs also come with multiplayer features that, unlike traditional slots, let you enjoy the game with friends and family. With all the deviation from traditional slots, RPGs have remained true to the authentic slot in more ways than one. Random number generator still remains the mode through which to get payouts. You don’t need any special skills to play the games as you would on console RPGs. Luck and random number generator algorithms still play a huge role in determining your wins and losses. Even with no special skills, players could benefit from a simple strategy on how to work probability on slots for more wins. Not to mention that JackpotCity Casino has regular free spins bonuses, more than suitable for the most wanted RPG slots.</p>

Players have also come to love RPGs for the bonus features that come with level-ups. Players get more rewards the more they make it up the levels. The more levels you attain, the bigger the rewards you get. The Dungeon Immortal Evil slot is a prime example, with epic monsters to slay to get to new levels. In the game, you play rooms that take you to higher levels with a boss monster in the final room. Different rooms come with massive chests and loots that help you beat the boss monster at the final level. Gameplay like this keeps players excited to play even though they may have placed bets surpassing the usual.

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RPG Games You Should Play

Wild Worlds

NetEnt, being one of the big-name game providers in the iGaming world, comes with a new slot for RPG lovers. Start on a high note with plenty of levels and a gaming map on a sub-screen. Built like the typical adventure RPG, the game comes with bonus levels to increase your winnings. With Wild Worlds, you get bonus levels that raise your stake for up to X2500.

As the name suggests, the adventures on Wild Worlds get you up against dangerous creatures. It is up to you to save the world from them to claim awesome prizes. Your heroes come together to fight these creatures. It is up to you to stop the monsters and claim the coveted prizes for different missions. Play duels filled with bonus rounds. A tumbling-reel feature combined with the arming of your heroes will drive out all the dreadful monsters in your path.

Max Quest

BetSoft brings you a slot that brings the Rise of the Mummy to life. In this RPG-style slot, Max Quest plays the main role as the protagonist. Max goes against monsters with his team in search of lost treasure. Look through Egyptian tombs to find different valuables that increase your winnings.

As the protagonist, you have to fight and beat monsters as the game progresses. The monsters come with different strengths and abilities. You earn more points for beating stronger monsters through the game.

Max Quest gets more and more exciting as you complete new quests. Unearth treasures and level up to play in-game bonus rounds with lots of prizes to claim.


You play blade in this Marvel slot by Playtech. Known for their superhero-themed slots, Playtech brings you an action-packed slot with lots of bonus rounds. The console version comes with lots of bells and whistles as Sony Entertainment announces the PS5 Pro and what you can expect. Enter a dark world and seek out vampires through the game. Blood and death await, but you have to be daring to hit the big rewards and perform different feats.

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You have weapons to kill vampires with. Spins that slay vampires come with special payouts you will enjoy. The combinations to strive for slay more vampires and increase your bankroll in the process. Play in turbo mode to speed up the game and enjoy as the story unfolds much faster.

Game of Thrones

Based on the HBO series, this slot is just as riveting as the TV series itself. The action on this Microgaming RPG game takes place on the mythical island of Westeros. The TV series broke all kinds of records, and we are yet to see if the slot can live up to expectations. In the game, seven kingdoms go after the Iron Throne. Play bonus features and claim a jackpot amount that starts at 1,500 coins. The four main symbols lovers of the series will be familiar with are Lannister, Baratheon, Targaryen, and Stark. These will have more meaning when you get to the bonus rounds.

Play different levels and enjoy the wide array of prizes to claim. You also get a bonus round with four packages to choose from that award you with free spins, multipliers, and symbol stacks. This slot may be one of the most popular choices spotted at Jackpot City.


With newer technology coming into iGaming, RPG slots are just one facet of the new way to play online casinos. With more graphic qualities and inventive gameplay elements, RPG slots are slowly taking over the slot section in different casinos. That the slots keep much of what you expect from your typical slot means that they can only get better with time while preserving the authentic feel of spinning the reels.