Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has been available since November of 2020. It has been close to two years since its release. According to recent speculation, a Pro version may be coming much sooner than most people thought.

The main questions now are, what does this new console look like? How much will it cost? And how soon will players be able to get it? Here’s everything you need to know about the newly expected PS5 Pro.


The PS5’s design immediately became a talking topic after its initial unveiling. Even with the big wingtips on top, the white-and-black contrast makes it an even more striking piece of art.

While it’s comparable to the PS4 Pro, people are curious to see if it becomes bigger because the PS5 is already rather large. It could also be reduced into a smaller chassis.

Release Date

TCL may have divulged the release date of its impending console during a recent launch event for its new line of televisions.

However, Sony has not issued any official statements on any forthcoming console launches. TCL’s predictions for the PS5 Pro and the next Xbox series S/X are to appear in 2023/24.

Although this isn’t confirmed, it’s plausible. On the other hand, it’s also possible that TCL was simply speculating about when the device would be released based on recent trends.

This would, in many respects, conform to the format Sony set with the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Originally unveiled in 2013, the console was followed by a Pro version in 2016 (a full three years later). If the PS5 launches in 2020, then the 2023/24 timeframe would be in sync with that.

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Since Sony has not even acknowledged the possibility of the PS5 Pro, there is no information available concerning the console’s retail price. However, you may use the preceding generation as a guide to what to expect in the future.

Three years after the PS4 launched, the PS4 Pro, also priced at $399/£349/€398, joined the fray for the same price. As you can see, there is no price difference between the two models.

However, the original PS4 did receive a new reduced price to distinguish itself from the successor.

There are two PS5 options: the normal version costs $499, and the digital version costs $399, $449, or €399.

In other words, assuming Sony sticks to their guns for this generation, the PS5

Pro should command the same price as the PS5. After the launch of the PS5 Pro, the PS5 will be reduced in price.

Expected Specs and Features

There has been no official announcement from Sony on the specifications. However, the TCL leak did include some genuine technical information as well.

For the next console generation, the firm expects an RX7700XT GPU (or something close to it) to be included. This is according to a presentation displayed at GDC. The Radeon RX 7000 series, which this will be a part of, is now scheduled for release at the end of 2022.

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According to reports from sources like TechPowerUp, the RX 7700XT will have the Navi 33 GPU and 8 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory. It will also have a 128-bit memory bus, 4096 shading units, and a clock rate of 1800 MHz that can be increased to 2200 MHz.

DirectX 12 Ultimate is planned to be supported, including hardware ray tracing and variable rate shading. The new technology, according to TCL’s PowerPoint, will be able to render at 2160p/120fps and output at 8K/120fps to play real money classic games.

This would represent a significant improvement in the PS5 Pro’s visual capabilities, as would be expected from a new model.


Aside from these hazy hints, there is no idea how Sony plans to approach the PS5 Pro. However, its arrival within the next year or two does seem possible.