The Best Upcoming Betting Games at the Global Gaming Expo

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Each and every October, the Global Gaming Expo, also known as G2E, is held in Las Vegas. There, the best and biggest gaming companies present their latest advancements in the world of casino gambling, including new games and devices.

As you would expect, the new collection of slot machines and table games is the top attraction. However, the 2018 Global Gaming Expo also emphasized the new trends in sports betting, a sector that even had a separate symposium.

Even brands that have been known to heavily promote their latest slots at the Global Gaming Expo are turning their focus to sports betting products.

Come along and learn all about what shifts to expect in the gambling landscape throughout the year, specifically in the realm of sports betting innovations.

Sports betting kiosks

Everything seems to point to an exponential increase in the number of sports betting kiosks across American casinos, something already popular in Europe. The first examples of these kiosks from the company SB Tech are already in operation in Mississippi and New Jersey.

Now, IGT also dives into this promising business opportunity. Since the end of 2018, their sports betting kiosks have been available in big partnering casinos in those same two North-American states.

Different casinos offer different versions of the game, which is a testament to IGT’s desire to please as many audiences as possible.

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Soon enough, though, IGT and SB Tech will not be the only two players in this new kiosk market. Many gaming manufacturers are producing their own machines and discussing all the important details with the most massive casinos not only in Mississippi and New Jersey but across the entire nation.

You must not forget that the legislation needs to pass at each of the states first. But the goal of these sports betting bookies is to have solutions customized to any type of gambler.

In the near future, the trend is for bettors nationwide to be able to bet on sports physically by walking up to a window and having a person assisting them, to simply use one of countless mobile apps and bet on their favorite teams or to spend a night out at a casino and enjoying the new kiosks.

When it comes to the upcoming casino games, the spotlight will much likely be all over the new sports betting stations.

Slot Revolution: Read Our Review and Learn How to Play

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The Game Archives brings you a review of the innovative casino game Slot Revolution. Learn what it has in store for you and start playing today.

Slot Revolution

Slot Revolution is one of the best examples of a gambling concept that is shaking up the world of online casinos: role-playing casino games. Slot Revolution is a free game that combines slot machines with a role-playing adventure set in a dungeon.

It is available for iOS, Android and even for Kindle. Slot Revolution creates such a realistic casino experience sensation that you will feel the same type of rush as in a land-based gambling venue.

You will feel like the odds are clearly against you but you will be tempted to keep playing and try to hit the jackpot.

How is Slot Revolution able to produce this feeling in someone that is playing online? By reenacting all the reels, spins, colors, animations, flashes and noises of an actual real-world slot machine.

First, you pick your character and your quest. Then, you head off to the dungeon. Each step in the mission requires a spin in the slot. The outcome of the spin determines the result of the move. Playing the slot also grants you coins, healing and other essential items.

PostImage SlotRevolutionReadOurReviewandLearnHowtoPlay MachinesSlotInsideCasino - Slot Revolution: Read Our Review and Learn How to Play

Whenever an enemy shows up in one of the reels, you will have to battle them. Yet again, the spins will determine your weapons and your attacks. As you can tell by now, your quest in Slot Revolution is almost completely up to chance, just like in most jackpot games.

As you move up the levels, you will be allowed to make allies with other virtual players and improve your weapons for battle.

Keeping coherent with the realistic slot theme, Slot Revolution often seduces you to buy items or extras with your real money. Rest assured that you can play the game without spending a single penny, but you’ll definitely take longer to access all the features. It’s up to you how to manage your budget reasonably.

In conclusion, Slot Revolution is a really fun, engaging, distinct and creative game that achieves the rare feat of attracting role-playing and casino enthusiasts alike.

The 3 Best New Online Casino Games to Play in 2019

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When we talk about massive casinos, we can’t just focus on the physical world. Nowadays, online casinos offer the broadest and diverse collections of entertainment on the web.  With states like New Jersey earning significant tax revenues from online gaming, it’s safe to say it’s here to stay and going to be a major revenue source for governments around the world.

In fact, if we were to put all the different games that are spread across the internet inside an actual casino, we would get the biggest and craziest gambling venue ever. Learn about three of the best online casino games to play in 2019 bound to become huge sensations.

Queen’s Day Tilt

Available since February this year, the new game Queen’s Day Tilt is a medieval-themed slot by Play ‘n Go with an enticing return to players of over 96%. Queen’s Day Tilt takes you back to a tale of knights, love and bravery set in the medieval times.

You can play the game for free or with real money. To access free spins, you have to register. The slot game offers an array of exciting and innovative features, some of which give you the opportunity to get a payout of up to 5,000 times the amount you paid.

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Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruit

This new fun game was developed by NetEnt. So, you know from the get-go that it will be high-definition, run impeccably, have the most reliable banking options and offer top graphics and animations. Strolling Staxx has been online since late January.

The slot is a creative spin on the classic fruit machines and has five reels with ten different pay lines. All the fruits are displayed in square shapes. As is the case with Queen’s Day Tilt, Strolling Staxx is impressively lucrative, with a return to player of almost 96%.

Even if you don’t play it for money, the graphics and definition alone make the game one of the most engaging online casino experiences you can try out this year. It’s something NetEnt has been getting us used to.

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Fortunes of Ra

This game was incredibly popular when it first came out in July last year. Since then, it has been capturing more and more audiences and many gamblers are still discovering it. The slots have five reels, ten pay lines and a very captivating Egyptian theme.

The fixed jackpot is of 250,000 credits. That sounds amazing, right? Now listen to this. The return to the player in Fortunes of Ra is over 97%. It is simply one of the best online slots to play all year long.

Which one of these do you predict will be your top pick for the year? Try them all now to find out. You won’t be disappointed.

The 4 Most Popular Table Games in American Casinos

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Most casinos offer a broad catalog of fun, exciting, engaging and lucrative selections, from table games to slot machines. While online slot machine make up the bulk of casino revenue according to a report by, different table games also account for much of a casino’s action, bets and revenue.

Take a look at the four most popular table games in the casinos across the United States.


Blackjack takes the lead by a long way. Over the years, many different and interesting variations of this table game have been developed. Blackjack has a relatively low edge for the house, which is one of the main reasons why it reigns supreme in terms of popularity.

PostImage Popular Casino Games in the US Blackjack - The 4 Most Popular Table Games in American Casinos

But most of the variations have a high house edge when compared to the conventional blackjack version. You should always consider whether or not the potential winnings balance the risk.


While blackjack requires a good level of skill from the gambler, the outcome of a roulette game is almost entirely up to chance. Because of this, over the decades, many players have come up with inventive systems to beat the house.

Most have failed. To keep the house edge low, you should choose French roulette or the European roulette. To diminish the risks, you must also assure that the casino is offering you bonuses for your spins.

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The casino poker variations are practically countless. They are so vast and varied that we could even consider poker as a category rather than a game. Some poker games include progressive jackpots and give you the opportunity to hit a life-changing amount of money if you get the royal flush, which is the highest hand.


The table game of baccarat is one of the favorites of the expert casino gamblers. The rules are quite complex and managing the bets also requires a good level of strategy. Many casinos offer side bets for baccarat. But as with blackjack, these have a much higher house edge.

Learn the rules, choose the best bonuses and be smart with your money. Go scoop your jackpot!