Playing slots is something casino lovers have been doing for hundreds of years and is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. For years, people had to go down to their local casino in person if they wanted to play slots, however since the introduction of the internet, people have been able to play from the comfort of their own home directly from their computers or smartphones.

For example, companies like Virgin Games offer the ability to play most in person casino games like jackpot king from the comfort of their own homes. Not only does this allow people to play with much more ease, it also opens up the opportunity for newer players to be introduced into the world of slots.

With more people than ever currently playing slots, there’s never been a better time to either play with friends, meet new people or just become more social whilst playing slots. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best ways people can become more social whilst playing slots and how you can set up social games.

Playing with friends

As we touched on above, originally people couldn’t just log onto their favourite casino website and play some slots, they had to physically go down to their local casino to play. For people wanting to play with their friends or get to know new people, this was sometimes a challenge as trying to find the time to all go together could sometimes be difficult and could end up in some people either going alone or even not at all.


When the internet really started to take off, this opened up a whole new world for people wanting to play slots socially, as this meant players could log on wherever and whenever they liked. This made organising social games with friends much more convenient, as people didn’t need to consider travel time or costs and could just log in from the comfort of their own home.

By offering this new way of playing it allowed friends to be able to still play together and say join a virtual call together whilst also all logging in and playing at the same time. This then gave the feeling of all being together to play, whilst also providing much more flexible options.

On the flip side to this, some people do genuinely prefer the feeling of being in person in a real casino, and although more difficult to organise, does have that added wow factor of being there in person. You can also then make further plans off the back of this, for example all players getting food before playing, going for some drinks after and spending those winnings.

Both ways are just as good as each other and it really just depends on what your social group wants to get out of the experience. If you’re just looking to play slots, the online side may be for you, however if you wish to have a bit more of a social experience, then the in person games would be the one to go for.

Social media

With the ever increasing size of social media, it’s no surprise casino companies are using this to their advantage and making the most of it. For example, casino companies will use targeted ads to find people with similar interests such as slots, allowing the people who will most likely like it to see the ad.

Another way the casino companies are using it to their advantage is by introducing new ways of playing. Some social media platforms will now let you play the game directly in the app, meaning no need to download a separate app to play slots, you can do it directly from that social media app. This means you’re already logged in, and you can interact with other players straight away and start making friends.

You can also use social media to find other slot game fans by joining groups on the social media websites where you can interact and talk with other players. You can also create group chats where you can chat with friends about slots and discuss your recent games and winnings.


Slot games are truly for everyone. It’s a game that anyone can pick up as it’s one of the easiest games you can possibly play, simply spin the wheel. This means there’s plenty of other players looking to join groups and become more sociable when playing slots. There are many people out there now playing slots, and with the amount of different channels available to meet them, there’s really no excuse to not be more sociable going forward.

Are you currently in a slots group? If not use some of the above tips and start getting involved.