The North American unfaltering Sentinels game Valorant emerged victorious in the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) 2024 Masters Madrid, securing their predominance in the competitive Valorant scene. The Grand Finals match against South Korea’s Gen.G Esports kept their fans as eager and anxious as they can be, Masters results as Sentinels Valorant claimed triumph with a hard-battled 3-2 win on Monday, March 25.

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 A Long Awaited Victory of VCT Masters

Valorant Sentinels’ victory not only allowed them to secure the Masters title, but also 250,000 US$ out of the tournament’s 500,000 US$ prize pool. Additionally, they got 3 VCT points, an important step towards securing a spot in this year’s VALORANT Championships which will be held in Seoul, South Korea, later this year.

The win marks  Sentinels’ second Masters title and builds on their previous success at the Iceland VCT 2021 Stage 2 Reykjavik Masters. Their continued performance and improvement showcase their undeniable skills and solidify their place as a strong team in the competitive Valorant scene.

Gen.G, the runner-up of Masters Madrid, displayed commendable skill throughout the tournament, even winning the first matchup against Sentinels Valorant. Despite falling short in the Grand Finals, their journey to the top showcases their capabilities, earning them 100,000 US$ in consolation prize.

A Journey to Valorant Victory

Due to the Valorant esports schedule,  both Sentinels Valorant and Gen.G entered Masters Madrid as the top seeds of the Americas and Pacific region, respectively, after clinching victories in their regions’ Kickoff tournaments. Their dominance continued in the Swiss format Group Stage, with both teams boasting flawless 2-0 records to secure spots in the Playoffs.

The Playoffs witnessed intense matchups, with Valorant Sentinels and Gen.G showcasing their skills against formidable opponents. Gen.G’s convincing victory over their regional rivals Paper Rex and Valorant Sentinels’ hard-fought battle against LOUD set the stage for their foreseen showdown in the upper bracket section finals.


In an undeniably exhilarating encounter, Gen.G secured a close victory over Valorant Sentinels, advancing to the Grand Finals. However, Sentinels recovered in the lower bracket finals, defeating Paper Rex to earn a deserved rematch against Gen.G for the championship title.

The Climactic Showdown

The Grand Finals delivered intense gameplay across five maps, with both teams demonstrating exceptional skill and resilience. Gen.G took an early lead in the first game of the finals on Breeze, however, Valorant Sentinels fought back, securing crucial victories in the following games.

In a thrilling finish, Valorant Sentinels stood ahead in the last game of the matchup, eventually securing their victory with a score of 13-6. Their triumph in Masters Madrid cements their status as VCT champions and sets the stage for future competitions.

Breaking Records in Valorant Esports

Masters Madrid enthralled crowds around the world, turning into the all time most-watched Valorant competition to date. The event achieved exceptional viewership, with the Grand Finals drawing in nearly 672,000 viewers with a peak of approximately 1,665,193 viewers.

The record-breaking participation highlights the growing popularity of Valorant esports, with Madrid Masters ratings surpassing previous World Championship ones. The growing focus on VCT standings Valorant esports highlights the game’s growth into a compelling tool in the competitive gaming space.

The Valorant Esports Impact

The success of the Madrid Masters competition not only reflects the skill and dedication of the participating teams and players, but also the bigger impact of Valorant esports on the gaming community. As the competitive scene continues to grow, Valorant functions as a platform for players to show their in-game skills and for fans to anticipate exciting upcoming competitions and tournaments.

Beyond the actual competitions, Valorant Esports promotes a sense of community among players and fans. From grassroots competition to international tournaments, passion for Valorant goes beyond borders and unites people from all backgrounds.

The Upcoming Future of Valorant

As the excitement of Madrid Masters subsides, fans eagerly anticipate the Valorant schedule of the next chapter in Valorant esports. With new agents and updates on the horizon, the competitive scene continues to evolve, offering thrilling battles and captivating moments.

What’s Next for the Valorant Champions Tour

If we look ahead, the VCT 2024 season is far from over, as it promises to deliver even more excitement and competition with tournaments scheduled throughout various regions such as South Korea, China, the Pacific, the Americas, and EMEA, so teams from around the world  will be able to compete for glory and recognition. These stages offer opportunities for teams to earn important points and secure their spots in the upcoming Valorant World Champions tournament.


According to the Valorant VCT schedule, the  last event of the year, booked from August 1 to August 25, 2024, is set to happen in Seoul, South Korea, and will be the greatest one by a wide margin this season. The prize pool is still unclear, but it is guessed that it could be the biggest we have seen from Valorant competitions yet. The tournament will gather the top tier teams of the season, so that they can compete for the World Champion title.

Conclusion: Join us on this Journey

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