Apex is a shooter in the battle royale genre in which you have to survive in a large area, where everyone around you is enemies, and you need to find equipment and weapons for yourself and, by outliving your enemies and killings, receive a boost in Apex Legends in ranks and divisions.

You need to master the following principles in order to play better and qualify for top 1 status more often in many matches:

  1. Warm-up.
  2. Selecting landing zones.
  3. How do we collect weapons and accessories, and where is the best place to look for cases?
  4. When and where to move on the map.
  5. How to react to a reduction in the playing area.
  6. What to do with Airdrop.
  7. What agents should be in your pool?
  8. How to increase or maintain rank in matches


Warm-up means the time allocated by the gaming system to load up all the players, and if you have a powerful PC, you can profitably use this time.

Just run, jump, and shoot with different weapons before boarding the plane to get a feel for the game before the first battles.

Selecting Landing Zones

You will fly a plane in a random direction over the game maps and decide for yourself at what moment to start landing.

Just watch the landing of opponents, and if there are too many of them, then change plans.

Try to avoid landing in large cities. There will be many enemies spread out, and given that everyone is playing against everyone, you can get under fire and immediately lose the match, which is bad for the overall boost in Apex.

Do not select the edges of the map—it only seems safe there—you risk not finding equipment and weapons there. The playing area will narrow for the first time in a random direction, and if you are unlucky, you will move across a huge area to survive, risking damage from more advantageously entrenched opponents.

While you are flying on an airplane, mark out places on the map of two or three houses where you will run from the first seconds after landing.

It is there that you will have a chance to collect a starting arsenal and protection, first aid kits and accessories to continue the battle.

Remember that weapons are divided into ranks, and you need to strive for rare, mythic, or legendary – circled in blue, purple and orange.

How To Collect Weapons And Accessories And Where Tthe Ideal Place To Look For Cases

You need to examine as many cases as possible in order to sort through the available weapons and look for assault weapons.

As a secondary, you can carry literally anything that you feel comfortable fighting with in case your main weapon runs out of ammo, but make sure you don’t use a weapon with the same type of ammo, because then you will run out of ammo and won’t be able to continue the fight.

The most optimal combination is assault and sniper weapons of legendary, or at least epochal quality.

If it’s the start of a match, don’t limit yourself to just one case and run around the entire area that you can safely explore and try to check all the boxes you can find nearby.

When And Where To Move On The Map

When you choose your starting point for the match and land, immediately focus your attention on collecting all the useful equipment you can find.

When you have more or less armed your fighter, do not rush to move on.

First, listen to your surroundings and make sure that there is no battle going on around you and no opponents are running around. Then be sure to wait until the first reduction in the playing area and only then move on.


This is an important point because no one knows in which direction the game system will choose to narrow the game map this time. This can be the top, bottom, right, or left side of the card.

Only when you understand the direction does it make sense to start moving.

Remember that the biggest chaos occurs in the early stages of the match, which you need to anticipate and avoid the biggest fights as much as possible and wait until the number of players is significantly reduced.

In general, you will have about 5 minutes to make a decision and the entire period until the circle reaches your position on the map, so there is no need to make quick decisions. Rushing can negatively impact your boosting in Apex Legends.

In essence, you should be in the playing area, even at the very edge, and then you will not be in any danger.

In general, you will make the necessary decisions yourself and set off, immediately, later, or at the very last moment, losing some of your health – this is not so critical, it can just be dangerous if they start shooting at you.

How To React To A Reduction In The Playing Area

The first reduction in the playing area will be large enough for all players to get into it, but in the future you will have to try and hurry.

The second narrowing of the playing area will be more noticeable, and you will immediately understand that the match is moving towards completion.

The last stage will take place in the format of a small arena, where the last players will compete for top 1 status on the gaming service.

What To Do With Airdrop

From time to time, an air drop will be dropped in a random area – a special case containing random high-quality weapons.

Each player makes his own decision – whether to risk his Apex boost to try to get it, or ignore it, or ambush and kill those opponents who will run to get it.

What Agents Should Be In Your Pool

Apex Legends has an agent system that complements the shooting system and allows players to expand their shooting or defense capabilities.

Each agent has four mechanics for its gameplay. Some of them will be simple and understandable for beginners, but some will require time and more advanced knowledge of tactics and skills.

Heroes for beginners:

  • Lifeline is a combat medic and drone master, creates first aid kits for himself and allies, and can lift a partner with the help of a drone, maintaining combat potential.
  • Octane is a robotic hero who has passive health regeneration until he takes damage from an enemy. Can activate the movement acceleration effect and creates ammunition for itself and allies.

Heroes that should be in your pool for variety:

  • Bangalore is an attacking hero who can use adrenaline to boost his movement speed. You will be able to use artillery fire on the area and smoke bombs to hide this effect.
  • Gibraltar is a defensive class that can use two types of protection. The first one will protect you from damage while aiming and approaching. The second will protect you and your allies with a large dome. You will also be able to use artillery fire.
  • Wraith is a Stealthy hero who can disappear from the sight of opponents and cease to be available to receive damage, but he himself will not be able to attack anyone. You will be able to establish two interconnected points, between which you can move freely on the game map.
  • Bloodhound is a tracker who can figure out on the ground how many enemies there were and where they were going, perfectly conducts reconnaissance of the area and highlights enemies for himself and his allies.

How To Increase Or Maintain Rank In Matches

Your overall rank and selection of opponents will depend on what kind of work you do during the match.

If you are regularly in first place and often kill enemies, then your progress will go very quickly.

If you survive the landing stage and reach the conditional middle of the match, that is, the second reduction of the playing area, then you will often simply maintain your current rank.

If you often lose at the very beginning at the stage of landing and the first reduction of the playing area, then you will most likely lose it quickly – this is how the game system will select the optimal opponents and their ranks for you.

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You must be prepared for the fact that at first you may not be ready for the average level of your enemies and at first you will lose your rating, but also gain invaluable experience that will help you regain it over time.

The difference between high and low level players is in their tactics and use of their agents’ skills.

Conclusions On Tips For Increasing Rank in Apex Legends

To play Apex well, you need to master simple rules and develop shooting and survival skills, as well as master several starting agents and gradually increase their number and deal with new mechanics.

If you want to speed up your development in Apex, you can order a full boost in Apex Legends and learn to play against the best players.

Of course, you will most likely lose part of your rank, but you will also quickly learn how to increase it yourself.

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