The American studio Valve has announced the release of Counter-Strike 2. It’s a multiplayer first-person shooter. More than 10 years have passed since they created the previous game version. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) was its name.

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What Changes Has the Game Now?

In March 2023, Valve made an announcement about Counter-Strike 2. They released the first trailer for the new game and launched a test version. The new game uses Source Engine 2; it’s also employed in other games created by Valve. It’s not a completely new game, even though it’s named Counter-Strike 2. It’s more like a huge update to CS:GO. But the creators say it’s the biggest improvement ever for the series. They’ve made the graphics much better, updated the interface and the sound effects, and added new features.

Improved Graphics and Sound Effects

The game has some great visual changes. Smoke grenades now create a more realistic cloud that reacts to what’s happening in the game, like shots and explosions.

The new Source 2 engine allowed developers to use upgraded lighting. This made gunfire, explosions, and water effects more lifelike. They also fixed some visual problems, like characters appearing through walls.


The creators improved the sound too. There’s also a new feature on the minimap that shows the level of noise you’re creating. This helps you know if your enemies can hear you.

Upgraded Maps

Some classic maps got small upgrades, including better lighting. But many other maps from CS:GO got completely redone using the capabilities of Source 2 and rendering technologies. Professional gamers say these changes are huge, and some maps look totally different now.

Sub-tick Structure

When Counter-Strike 2 came out, the creators added something called the sub-tick architecture. This means that players’ movements, shooting, throwing grenades, and other actions aren’t tied to the frequency of server updates. Thus, the tick rate – the frequency with which the server updates game data – instantly reads any gamer activity, so that all actions become equally responsive.

Other Features

Counter-Strike 2 has a new feature that shows a gamer’s skill and determines their place in global and regional rankings, as well as among friends. To improve your rank, you need to play in the updated main competitive Premier mode. Now, there’s a system where you can block certain maps before a match to practice on the ones you’re familiar with.

Another important change is that you can get a refund for weapons, grenades, and other items bought by mistake, but there’s a time limit for this. In other words, you can’t buy something, use it, and then sell it back whenever you want. Also, the in-game inventory looks better because of the new engine.


Counter-Strike may seem simple, but it’s actually very complex. Experienced gamers and esports players say they keep finding new things in the game even after playing for years. Even a tiny change can make a big difference. But even without changes, the game still surprises gamers around the world. Maybe that’s why Counter-Strike is so popular – it’s simple but always full of surprises.