Asceticism can be a promising path for people who feel stressed and disoriented. With ascetic methods, you can sort things out and find out what is important to you personally. But to be truly successful you need to come down and focus. The best way to do that is to spend some time at


Asceticism helps you to focus on your individual needs. Asceticism originally meant “practicing”. In practice, asceticism is characterized by a goal and renunciation. Traditionally, in some religious movements, ascetic methods also included torment, such as exposure to extreme heat. Nowadays, the aim is often to recognize individual needs and strengthen one’s own will.

Precisely because we have so many options in this day and age, it can be difficult to recognize what you need. Asceticism can help you to focus on yourself and concentrate on what is important to you. Going without also helps you to break habits and find new food for thought.


Simple, functional furnishings help you to focus on the essentials. The many objects that surround us at home are a major distraction from our individual needs. Advertising suggests that we constantly need more. However, the mass of things often brings stress rather than satisfaction.

When you free yourself from these things, you can calm down more easily and focus on the issues in your mind and heart. Even though asceticism is about renunciation, you don’t have to give up all beautiful and valuable things – you choose for yourself what you want to give up and for what purpose.

Tip: It’s easier to part with things if you know that someone else will be happier about them than you. Don’t throw things away, but donate, swap, or sell them.


Without a smartphone, you have plenty of time for other things that make you happy. The smartphone, laptop, tablet – one of these items is always within reach for many people. For you too? Then digital asceticism could be the right thing for you. By avoiding constant accessibility and keeping away from sensory overload, you can find more peace. You will probably have a surprising amount of time and can slow down your everyday life and meet your needs.


We give you numerous tips on how exactly you can approach a smartphone diet. Among other things, you should let close friends and relatives know when they won’t be able to reach you or will only be able to reach you via a certain medium. This is particularly important in the early days so that nobody worries about you.


Asceticism can mean that you eat more simply. You can also make your diet more ascetic. You can avoid animal products, non-regional or non-seasonal foods, or ready meals. When it comes to drinks, you can give up alcohol or caffeine or limit yourself to tap water.

Completely abstaining from food is also sometimes practiced as asceticism. However, such fasting cures are controversial in terms of health.

In any case, you should make sure you eat a balanced diet and listen to your body. With a simpler diet, you can break out of your routine and become more aware of yourself and your body.


Taking time out helps you to organize your thoughts. Even if you want to practice asceticism for a certain period away from your usual environment, you are sure to find a suitable form for this:

A long hike in nature gives you time to reflect on yourself and your thoughts. If you are looking for a spiritual background, a pilgrimage may be the right thing for you.

You could also consider spending time on an organic farm, for example, where you actively participate in the daily routine and work, or a monastery. Here you can take a break from your everyday life and find your values within the framework of a simple lifestyle.


Of course, you don’t have to stick to our suggestions, as there are many other forms of asceticism in addition to those mentioned.


These include, for example, sexual abstinence, renouncing possessions, a vow of silence, or renouncing cosmetics and body adornment.

What they all have in common is the renunciation of things that burden and distract you – sometimes without you being permanently aware of it. However, don’t put too much pressure on yourself during asceticism. After all, you ultimately want to free yourself from the stress that makes you unhappy.