Tech company Backbone, that has its own popular video game controller, want to unite various ecosystems by improving access to cloud gaming and remote play. Even though mobile gaming has never been given the same hype as console and PC gaming, the smartphone market in Canada is projected to grow by 0.86% between 2024 and 2028, resulting in a market volume of $6.2 billion. Mobile gaming also accounts for half of the gaming market across the world, and it’s continuing to grow, according to Fact.MR, the gaming controller market is set to grow by 7% over the next ten years. That brings about an important question. With smartphones becoming more powerful as time goes on, are gaming controllers necessary to get the best experience?

Bigger Screens and More Processing Power have Led to Controller Adoption

Developers want as many people as they possibly can to play their games. Publishers will always seek more sales, too. The best thing about remote play is that you can fire up your PC and stream it to your smartphone screen. While playing blockbuster titles is less than ideal on a smartphone, it’s a great solution for when you are out of the house. To play titles like this, you’ll need to have a mobile gaming controller. A good internet connection and controller combination are also important for cloud gaming. With that being said, mobile gaming is currently booming, and although PC and console titles are proving to be popular on mobile, there are still so many mobile-friendly titles that allow you to get the full experience without a controller.

If you have ever signed up with a live casino Ontario, you may find that a controller is a detriment, because the games are so catered to mobile devices as they are. From slots to blackjack and even poker, it’s safe to say that new titles are being released by the year. These all embrace the latest technology and are released by some of the best gaming studios in the world, No additional accessories are needed, and this helps to make them accessible to everyone who has a mobile device. Although controllers will bridge the gap between PC and mobile gaming, and this will bring about a new level of accessibility, it’s important to know that this isn’t the only solution. Connectivity can be achieved by simply designing hit games that cater for mobile phones in general, creating a niche that allows people to play the games they want without additional hardware.

Could the Controller Market Help to Bolster Mobile Gaming Going Forward?

The the controller market could boost the mobile gaming sector, Intensive RPGs and popular PC titles could be brought to mobile phones much more efficiently, without clunky controls.

With that being said, the mobile sector is already being boosted by the sheer rise of mobile-only titles and accessible digital games that take into account mobile accessibility as it stands. Although the controller market is showing a lot of potential, it’s not going to be the only driving factor behind the mobile gaming movement in Canada.