Ever since Grand Theft Auto V exploded onto the scene all the way back in 2013, fans have clamored for details on the inevitable GTA 6. While Rockstar has kept quiet over the past decade, 2023 finally gave us a sneak peek at this long-awaited sequel.

In this article, we’ll cover everything confirmed so far about GTA 6 leading up to its tentative 2025 release date for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. From the Vice City setting to the game’s protagonists, storyline, and more – let’s dive in!

GTA 6 Release Date and Platforms

After years of silence, Rockstar finally announced a release timeline for GTA 6 in their first official trailer:

  • Release Date: Sometime in 2025
  • Platforms: PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

This indicates that GTA 6 is being built exclusively for current-gen hardware, which provides all the graphical power and advanced features that those systems offer.

As we’ve seen with past Rockstar console exclusives, a PC version will likely follow. However, no official PC release plans have been confirmed yet.

As for a specific date beyond 2025, Rockstar will likely share that once they lock in a launch window next year after some extra polish is applied to this ambitious title. Until this big day for fans comes, we can continue to have fun with GTA 5 mods, a selection of which number is in the hundreds.

The Vice City Setting

Fans speculated for years that GTA 6 would take us back to Vice City, the Miami/Florida-inspired setting of past games like GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories.

These rumors proved true when Rockstar confirmed Vice City would serve as a primary location throughout GTA 6 along with the surrounding region known as “Leonida,” which encompasses urban areas, dense swampland, and tropical islands.


This neon-lit, beach-laden, culturally diverse city seems the ideal place to evolve Rockstar’s satirical commentary and criminal escapades into new generational territory.

Early glimpses show the new Vice City, with today’s cutting-edge graphics, looking utterly gorgeous and detailed. And it will only continue expanding post-launch!

Two Playable Protagonists

Unlike the solo tales of Niko, CJ, or Tommy, GTA 5 introduced multiple playable protagonists with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Rockstar looks to continue that approach with GTA 6 by featuring two central characters – a male and female criminal couple:

  • Lucia – The fiery Latina woman introduced upfront in GTA 6’s debut trailer. She’s an ambitious gunwoman who has been incarcerated before.
  • Jason – A still mysterious male figure is shown partnering with Lucia and pulling off daring robberies.

Having dual protagonists opens up cool gameplay opportunities, like swapping control during heists and seeing missions from different angles. It also enables richer storytelling woven between their personal backstories and relationships.

Robbery-Focused Storyline

While full plot details remain under wraps, the initial GTA 6 trailer showcases themes of deadly romance, high-stakes theft, and lives constantly on the run.

Lucia and her unnamed partner clearly survive big scores from violent robberies while trying to maintain their freedom and independence.

But with shady contacts, backstabbing crews, and the whole Vice City PD aiming to take them down – their criminal road ahead seems filled with lucrative yet lethal risks.

Through gripping cinematic glimpses, Rockstar is clearly leaning into more grounded, bonnie-and-clyde-style crime fiction this go around.

Expanded and Enhanced World

Rockstar describes GTA 6 as boasting its “deepest and most expansive world yet,” which spans urban neighborhoods, subtropical beaches, murky wetlands, and more.

Key new technical advancements will also help immerse players like never before:

  1. Seamless Interior/Exterior Transitions – GTA 6 aims to remove long loading transitions when moving between building interiors and the outside city.
  2. Advanced AI Routines – New pedestrian and traffic algorithms that make inhabitants feel more alive and reactive as you tear through Vice City.
  3. Expanded Mod Support – Increased access for modders to customize eventually GTA 6 post-release.

And according to leaks, the launch map is only the beginning. Rockstar may gradually expand the GTA 6 map over time via updates – giving this huge production more flexibility while supporting it for years to come.

Enhanced Graphical Showcase

Being built exclusively for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S hardware, GTA 6 is positioned to set a new visual standard. Early footage showcases incredible draw distances, richly detailed scenery, advanced weather effects, realistic water physics, and buttery smooth gameplay.


Powerful new consoles finally allow Rockstar’s artisans to realize their creative visions without compromising fully. Just imagine how gorgeous those Vice City neon lights will glow in 4K HDR!

Multiplayer to Come Later On

No concrete details yet exist on what form GTA 6’s multiplayer offerings may take after launch.

GTA Online still receives regular content updates even today, so Rockstar may continue expanding that platform first before shifting resources towards an all-new GTA 6 online world.

But with the single-player mode already seeming incredibly ambitious with its protagonists and evolving map – Rockstar has plenty on their plate for a stellar solo experience to start.

In Conclusion

While mysteries still lurk in the shadows, Rockstar has given hungry fans plenty to chew on leading up to GTA 6’s tentative 2025 street date.

It solidifies GTA’s reputation for raising and completely redefining the open-world genre with each new installment. Based on these exciting first details alone, GTA 6 is already shaping up to set stratospheric new expectations on every front imaginable.

What aspect has you most thrilled so far? And what other features do you hope to get incorporated into the final game? Sound off down below!