Only a few decades ago, there were limited options for gamers who wanted to play at a casino. Online gaming only became a reality in 1994 after the Free Trade & Processing Act was passed, which allowed the creation of online casinos. Today, there are thousands of online casinos worldwide that compete for customers with attractive welcome bonuses and loyalty schemes.

However, traditional brick-and-mortar venues seek to compete with online casinos by offering an authentic gaming experience and high-class establishments where luxury is a key factor. Since online casinos were first created, there has been a battle for dominance between web-based establishments and physical venues. In this article, there is a focus on Canadian gambling. There will be a discussion of the different offerings from land-based and online casinos in the country and how these appeal to Canadian adult gamers.

Convenience and 24/7 Accessibility

Firstly, it is important to understand that Canada is an extremely large land mass. It is the second largest country in the world (behind Russia) and has a total land mass of 9.9 million square kilometers. However, whilst it has large urban centers such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, it is also home to a population that lives in more remote rural locations, such as those that can be found in Quebec and Alberta. If you live in one of the major urban areas of Canada, your nearest brick-and-mortar casino may likely be within a short driving distance. For example, there are 28 casinos in Ontario, most of which are in the bigger cities. If you live outside the major urban areas, you may find that your nearest physical casino is several hours’ drive away.

This can make it difficult to visit such establishments as you will need to plan the trip and potentially stay overnight if you are planning to consume alcohol during your visit. Conversely, online casinos in Canada offer the distinct benefit of being accessible without travel or the need to plan. For example, you can visit at any time of day or night, only needing a smartphone or computer and a reliable internet connection. At this site, you can enjoy a wide range of games, from live dealer games such as Real Baccarat to a wide range of slot machines such as Break Away Deluxe and Amazing Link Apollo.


These games offer realistic visuals and a truly authentic gaming experience that mirrors that of

visiting a physical casino. The live dealer games add a layer of atmosphere and authenticity that is like a high-class real-world establishment. In short, if you are a Canadian living in a large city, you may find it easy to visit a physical establishment without much planning. However, if your nearest casino is a significant distance away, online casinos may be a far more attractive and convenient way to play.

New Tech Influencing Online Casinos

A brick-and-mortar casino will always be able to claim that it offers the most authentic gaming experience for gamblers. Put simply, online casinos attempt to replicate the look and feel of a high-class establishment. Still, they may be limited by technological constraints and the fact that they operate in the virtual world rather than the real world. However, as technology progresses, online casinos can close the gap between virtual spaces and physical environments.


In recent years, VR technology has become increasingly utilized in online casinos. Gamblers can purchase a VR headset that will allow them to explore online casinos in a 3D environment. An authentic and high-class gaming environment can be created in this virtual world. As technology progresses, it will inevitably lead to virtual VR casinos being indistinguishable from their real-world counterparts. In short, while Canadian brick-and-mortar venues may be able to claim that their premises provide the most authentic gaming environment and atmosphere, this may not always be true in the future.