Bookmakers have a chance to come out of the shadows and provide their services completely legally. The first bookmakers have already followed the licensing path, which has become mandatory for all companies. One of them is, which has earned the trust of betters.

Only you can choose which bookmaker to place your bets on sports. You will not break the law even if you choose an illegal company. But at the same time, you are not guaranteed stable payments of winnings. Let’s figure out how bookmakers operate legally and what advantages they can offer players.

What is the difference between legal bookmakers?

A legal bookmaker is an official website with a state or international license. Privately, administrators of such resources turn to international regulators and undergo inspections, after which they receive licenses.

Only a license can guarantee stability and fairness of payments, winnings calculation, and odds objectivity. Information about the license should be on the bookmaker’s website, indicating the number and series. You can contact the regulator to check a specific bookmaker.

Benefits of a bookmaker license

Having a gambling permit provides the following advantages:

  • Compliance by the bookmaker with all responsible gaming standards.
  • Access to payment services served in your country.
  • Objective odds values ​​for all bookmaker events.
  • High-quality customer service with quick access to support.

If the bookmaker does not have a license, you cannot be guaranteed to receive winnings, data confidentiality, or prompt payment processing.

How to choose the best bookmaker: list of criteria

Modern betting offers many portals for betting on sporting events. But choosing the best bookmakers takes a lot of work. It is almost impossible to research the activities of each office since the procedure involves creating an account.

For convenience, you can use ready-made analysis, taking into account the content’s advantages, disadvantages, and features. Additionally, we recommend checking the selected portal according to the following criteria:

  • Availability of a license.
  • Number of sporting events and destinations; Availability of other formats of gambling content.
  • Available methods for receiving winnings and replenishing your account, payment processing times.
  • Availability of information blocks on the website indicating the rules, standards of responsible gambling, and betting conditions.
  • Limits. You should analyze what the bookmaker provides, the minimum deposit, bet, and withdrawal amount.

How illegal bookmakers cheat

Illegal bookmakers feel they have complete impunity, so they very often deceive players. If you win a small amount, everything will probably go smoothly, but if the win is large, such a company will do everything not to pay. Here are the most common types of deception.

  • Payments are delayed. Sometimes, they ask for more and more documents, responding at about one letter per week so that the verification stretches out for several months. Sometimes, they refer to technical problems on the website or banking system. At first, the support service encourages the player, assuring over and over again that all problems will be resolved soon. Then he answers with irritation. Then he stops responding. Then, the player loses access to the account. Therefore, if you are used to playing for big money, you should refrain from messing with illegal bookmakers.
  • Substitution of rates. This situation also exists, it is blatant and very unpleasant. You bet on a certain outcome with a high odds. The outcome has played; you rub your hands in anticipation of the money, log into your account, and see a bet on the opposite outcome. It’s definitely not possible to prove that you’re right.
  • Cutting the highs. If you start winning, be prepared for the fact that your limits will be cut very soon. Perhaps even to zero.
  • Account blocking. You don’t even need to come up with a reason. The player may be told that he has broken the rules, but which rules and how will not be explained. The money that was in the account will most likely be confiscated and in rare cases it may be allowed to be withdrawn. As you already understand, there is nowhere to complain. No one controls the activities of such companies.

Insecure access

Access to the sites of illegal bookmakers is blocked, so they come up with various options for circumventing these prohibitions. These can be programs, plugins, site mirrors, and other options. And this is also extremely unsafe.

Firstly, you can easily end up not on the official mirror of the bookmaker’s website but on its copy – a phishing resource. After entering your login and password, the data will be in the hands of scammers, who can get into your account on the real site. And withdraw your money from him.


The second option is that in search of access, you can install a malicious program on your device that will read information about bank accounts, passwords, and other data. Thus, you are already risking the money in your bookmaker account here and all your data, including, for example, bank accounts.

You risk losing your data and money by following links to an alternative resource of an illegal company. Remember this. We do not recommend that you play with illegal bookmakers. It is better to choose a bookmaker from among the legal ones. This way, you will definitely not become a victim of scammers. Happy betting!