Online casinos have revolutionized the way you can access games online, especially since the mass adoption of mobile phones as the ‘go-to’ piece of technology. These digital platforms will provide you with a vast array of different slots and table games, designed to appeal to all preferences and styles of play.

Whether you happen to be a complete newbie or a more experienced hand knowing what to expect when you start using an online casino can only enhance your experience. To help with this, here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of slots and table games you will see at most online casinos.

What type of slots can you expect to find?

Not only do the best online casinos like have slots based around just about every theme you can think of, but they also come in different types as well.

  • Regular/classic slots are the most common type you will see, and the vast majority of a casino roster will be either regular or classic slots. These will have different numbers of rows and reels, and aligning different sets of symbols will even win you a prize or set off a bonus round, which will typically involve free spins or higher multipliers.
  • Progressive jackpot slots – as well as having these features, they provide players with an extra dimension. Instead of a regular set jackpot, a progressive jackpot slot will increase the potential winnings the more it is played. Jackpots can be awarded daily, weekly, or even hourly, and the slot you play might be linked to others to push the jackpot even higher.
  • Megaways slots add yet another variable into the mix, as these slots can have different numbers of symbols in each reel. This might mean that you could potentially have several hundred instead of a dozen or so pay lines for each spin. Of course, this adds to the excitement and the unpredictability of what you are playing, especially if this is linked to one of the other features.

Take your pick of the various table games

While slots will be available in their hundreds or thousands, different variations of classic table games are also available. You will almost certainly know how games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat are played, so you won’t need a run down of the rules here, but you will need to know that they are available in two different formats.

  • Standard RNG video versions – these will be the most common versions of games you see, and the result of the spin or turn of the card here is decided by a random number generator. These are audited independently to ensure fairness, and this allows plenty of variations of each type of game to be available for players.


  • Live dealer versions are less numerous and operate on a different principle, which is usually regarded as providing a more authentic experience for players like you. Instead of using an RNG, the deal is ‘real’ with a video feed connecting you to a dealer or croupier who turns the cards over in front of you. These are also available in different types, with lightning versions for faster turnaround between games and both low-stakes and high-roller versions catering to those with different-sized banks.

A few final thoughts

Playing online casinos can be fun, but having all the information to hand before you start can add to the experience. Knowing about the various types of slots can allow you to make an informed decision about which titles will fit your playing style.


Also, knowing the difference between regular and live casino games can help tailor your experience so that you get the best from playing your preferred table game.