Are you a game fan always searching for new things to try out? If you are craving something other than classical games or your old-time favorites, check out our list of upcoming mobile games that promise great player experience and gameplay.

These games are meant to be launched in 2024. Here, we will also look at features that make them likely to become fabled games.

Honor of Kings

This game, mainly made for and popular in China, already has a massive player community and ultra-high spinoffs. It is getting ready for the global market and is said to have grown to the level of Multiplayer Online Battle Area. Its characters, many of whom are taken directly from myths or historical events, are given a special place.

Anyone who loves a well-crafted strategy, a high-quality image, and a glimpse into every culture on Earth will appreciate this one.

Assassin’s Creed Jade

Even before its release, this mobile game is already the talk of the web. The manufacturer is mostly known for producing traditional video games but is now shifting its focus toward mobile games. The plot will start in ancient China and promises immersive gameplay, full of action and in-depth explanation, feasible due to the open-world experience.

Sky: Children of the Light

This one is classified as a light game for couples or those who want to draw away from the fuss, chasing, blood, racing, and other tension creating elements of mobile games. Manage flying characters, solve engaging puzzles, and interact with other players, all of this with advanced graphics to let you unwind.

Rainbow Six Mobile

A shooter, suitable for anyone who wants a fast and thrilling play, is about to come out in 2024. Suppose you are familiar with the original shooter game for PC. In that case, you already anticipate excellent imitation of fighting, incredible depth of surroundings, and room to create and try out a tactic.


Features in the new version include more focus on strategy plus action, a new mode of 5-on-5 battle, enhanced teamwork opportunities, operator guidance, and more.

These are the top games we are about to see this year, so be alert and become one of the first players to embrace them or their new versions. If you happen to need some game-creating services or expert advice, get it from the Stepico team. See their game art portfolio to make sure they can be trusted.

Technological Advances Behind Leading Contemporary Games

What ground are these hits built on, and what drives the change?

There are more areas on the globe where 5G networks are now available. This can’t but contribute to mobile gaming’s daily experience since the fastest Internet connection with low latency is excellent news for real-time and multiplayer gameplay with significantly less logging.

Next, there is making games more accessible to everyone. Part of this is possible thanks to more advanced hardware. New models of smartphones now can have powerful processors, enhanced GPUs, and RAM equal to a computer’s memory. This enables players to experience top-notch games with the most demanding graphics, regardless of the device. An alternative for users with no access to such modern smartphones is cloud gaming, which streams any game on any device.


Through this channel, one can now experience all kinds of immersive gaming, which came about thanks to AR and VR technologies. Augmented reality and virtual reality open up a new era in user-gadget interaction, letting users live in fully digital worlds where every feature and detail serves this realm. What can be more captivating?