Online slots rank among the top three casino games due to their simplicity and theme variety. Also, slots provide players extreme flexibility in making bets and are often the prime game category for iGaming sites to focus their promotional campaigns around. But with slots comes a wonderful world of variety, particularly Asian-themed and animal slots.

Because dragons are deeply rooted in Asian folklore, it makes sense that there is a boom of dragon-style slot games. The same applies to Monkey-themed games that are full of surprising bonuses and graphics.

The Rise of Monkey and Dragon-Style Slots

As internet bandwidth and other technological advances continue to improve at drastic rates, slot game developers, giants like NetEnt, Real-Time Gaming, and Microgaming, for example, incorporate new technological trends. As a result, they are visually sharper and better interactive, but above all, new slots genres, especially Monkey and Dragon-themed slots. In many ways, Monkey and Dragon online slots, intersect and are genuinely part of the Asian-themed genre. As a result, many of these games might have similar game ideas, mainly celebrating the Lunar New Year, with 2024 being, ironically, the year of the dragon.

The Scorching Dragon:

While dragon slots aren’t exactly a novelty, their profile has risen in recent years due mainly to the advancement of technology. Video slots are the beneficiary of cinematic-like graphics, so dragon-themed games like Fire & Steel and Take the Kingdom continue to be major draws because of the superb graphics. It also helps these games be loaded with unique bonuses you won’t find in dragon slots from yesteryear.

Popular Dragon Slots:

  • “Golden Dragons”: With a fabled temple dominating the landscape, players win big with 30 free spins with a triple-winning multiplier. Golden Dragons also has turbo spins.
  • “The Dragon Seal”: Prepare to conquer with the mini, major, and mega jackpots. Watch the dragon go scorched earth with the mega block that leads up to a 1,000x winning multiplier.

Special Features:

  • Expanding Wilds: Most modern-day dragon slots feature expanding wilds for the dragon or other human characters. Sometimes, the expanding wilds only happen on certain reels and trigger re-spins.
  • Colossal Blocks: Larger than expanding wilds, dragon-style slots usually feature colossal symbols that can take up multiple reels. With colossal blocks, you are almost certainly guaranteed at least one re-spin.

Monkey Wisdom:

Monkey slots are intriguing because they take place in a jungle, where massive apes are high-paying symbols, or they mimic Asian culture. As a result, monkey-oriented slots receive a tremendous bounce from the mega-popular Asian-themed slot genre. In 2023, when the year of the monkey came, online casinos heavily promoted their Monkey-themed games with lavish free spins and cashback and reload bonuses. Often, the main game character is a monkey sage or a priest. But there are games where monkeys are the main warriors and fighters.

Featured Monkey Slots:

  • “Jungle Monkey Slot”: Prepare to beat the drums while exploring the dense virtual jungle. Swing off the vines with Jungle Monkey’s free spins round, beginning with up to 20 free games and the chance for more.
  • “Three Dancing Monkeys”: Collect special multiplier wilds and immerse yourself in Asian mysticism. Three Dancing Monkeys has three gems that offer unique bonuses and interactions with the free spins round. The maximum win with Three Dancing Monkeys is over 12,000x your bet.

Interactive Features:

  • Multiplier Wilds: Beyond the standard double-winning multiplier, many monkey slots have unique multiplier wilds, especially during the free spins round.
  • Multi-Jackpots: It is also common for monkey-themed slots to have three if not four, jackpots. You can win them separately or in addition to the progressive jackpot.


Another critical avenue for the success of monkey- and dragon-themed slots is the rise of mobile apps. As the thousands download these apps, new legions of fans are discovering the magic that dragon and monkey-style slots bring to the mix. Also, as technology continues to thrive, look for new features of these unique slot genres.