You’ve moved to Norway, or you’re planning on doing so for one reason or another, and you’re now getting things in order. There is, without a doubt, a lot you need to do to make your transition seamless and successful. So many responsibilities and so many things to handle. It is no doubt that you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Things will get better once you finally settle down, though, and settling down will also require you to get the perfect mobile plan solution for yourself.

Now, even if you are not moving to this country, but are planning on spending more than a few days there, either for work, for school, or for your personal life and goals, you will still need to select the right mobile plan. After all, in this digital time and age, we have all become quite dependent on mobile subscriptions and they have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. So, you can’t exactly take this for granted and just decide that you don’t want to bother with it at all. Quite on the contrary, you will have to bother with it and you will have to do your best to make the perfect choice.

Without the right mobilabonnement, getting and staying in touch with people will be difficult, if not impossible at times. And, you definitely need to stay in touch with the people you love back home, as well as with some new friends you may have made in the country. It is, therefore, clear that choosing your mobile subscription will have to be one of the first things to do when you arrive in Norway. By doing so, you will get the peace of mind you need, knowing that your loved ones are always just a phone call away.

This is what you should know about the process of selecting a provider:

There is no doubt that you are already well aware of the fact that choosing the perfect plan is an absolute must for you. Yet, you may be confused about the actual process of choosing, you’re most likely familiar with Ice and a few other providers, but chances are that you don’t really know how to choose the right one among them. Should you go for Ice, or should you go for another provider you’ve found? Or, should you search for a completely new one?

Those are all some rather important questions. And, the answer is that you shouldn’t make any decisions before doing some thorough research. Sure, you could go on a hunch and make the choice, and you may even wind up being happy with it, but the truth is that you don’t want to risk it. So, instead of trusting your gut, you should trust your research abilities and the information you’ll find during the mentioned research. And, if you don’t quite know how to do the actual research, you should simply read on to find out, because below I’ll offer you the tips you need and take you through the steps you’ll have to take so as to make the perfect choice.

  1. Ask Around

Do you know anyone who has had to move to Norway as well? Or, do you know any locals? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you undeniably have the upper hand, because you can ask around and get some recommendations from those people you know, hearing them out and letting them refer you to those mobile subscription providers and plans that they believe could be right for you. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t act on those recommendations right away, simply because different people may have different needs, so what may have worked for someone else may not work for you. Still, this is a good starting point in your researching process.

  1. Search Online

Sure, the above step is a good starting point, but it is exactly just that – a starting point. Meaning you need to take more steps, and important ones for that matter, so as to ultimately decide whether you want to work with Ice or another provider to get your subscription plan. So, the next thing to do is search for those different providers and their solutions online. The people you will talk to above may not be familiar with all the different providers and plans that exist, but the Internet will, because all of those companies will have some kind of online representation. This step, together with the one above, will help you make a list of potential solutions.

  1. Evaluate Your Usage Patterns

You can’t just randomly choose one of those solutions from the list, can you? Well, you actually can, as nobody will probably stop you, but the truth is that you most definitely shouldn’t. In order to make the best choice, you will need to take time to consider some important factors. For one thing, you will need to evaluate your actual usage patterns.

What does this mean precisely, though? Well, it is quite simple and obvious. You need to think about the monthly needs you have, in order to ultimately check if Ice or other providers can meet those.


Think about the call and text requirements, as well as any other features you may need. Understanding your specific usage habits will help you find a plan that will align with those.

  1. Think About the Amount of Data You Need

This is one of those things that definitely falls into the category of your usage patterns, but that deserved to be mentioned separately. We all heavily rely on the Internet nowadays, meaning that you want to choose a subscription plan that will provide you with enough monthly data. You need to carefully assess how much data you may need, and you should also remember that it is better to get more than to wind up lacking data when you most need it.

  1. Check If Data Rollover Is Offered

Speaking of getting more data, here is another thing that you should check and take into account as well. Some providers, including Ice, offer the data rollover option, meaning that you can transfer any unused data to the next month. This is perfect for people who can’t quite pinpoint with precision the amount of data that they will use each month. As well as for those whose usage varies one month after another. By choosing this option, you will never run out of data, and you also won’t be paying for data you’re not using, because anything that’s left will be transferred to the next month.

  1. Consider Network Coverage and General Quality

Perhaps one of the most crucial things to consider when checking out the ice mobilabonnement, as well as the plans offered by any other providers, is the actual network coverage and the general quality of service. After all, you don’t want to pay for a subscription, only to realize that it doesn’t work quite well in your area due to poor network coverage. That would definitely be discouraging. So, always take the time to check the coverage before making any final choices whatsoever.

  1. Check for Binding Period

Some providers will tie you down with a contract for a specific period of time, which only emphasizes the importance of making a wise choice on your first try. But then, there are also non-binding subscription solutions offered by Ice and some other providers. It is your task, therefore, to check for the binding period and determine which providers offer those non-binding solutions, if you feel that those could be the better choice for you.

  1. Compare the Pricing Plans

It goes without saying that different plans will cost different amounts of money. This is not only because they are offered by different providers, but also because they have varying features. So, checking and comparing the pricing plans offered by Ice and other providers is also of great significance here, because it will help you find the solution that fits in with your budget and that will be reasonably priced.


Of course, don’t ever make your choice based on the prices alone, because you also want to be sure that you’re getting everything you need for that price you’re paying. This means you should compare the pricing plans while also comparing all the features and the services offered by the subscription, aiming at making the smartest decision.

  1. Assess Customer Support

Your overall satisfaction with the service is bound to be influenced by the quality of the customer support provided by different mobilabonnement companies. You want to be able to contact the support whenever you need help with anything, and you want your queries and needs to be met successfully and in a timely manner. Thus, assessing customer support is of crucial importance, and perhaps reading some reviews written about past clients could help you do that more easily. The bottom line is that you want to choose a provider that cares and that will be there to address your concerns and resolve any issues when necessary.

  1. Compare the Terms of the Contract

The last thing to do is compare the terms of the contract offers provided by Ice and the other companies you are considering. This includes the mentioned binding period and the prices, as well as all the features you can get with a specific plan. It also includes any limitations that may be imposed, and any fees and penalties associated with, say, early termination, late payments, or anything else associated with the service. By comparing the terms of the contracts, you’ll ultimately be able to decide whether you want to cooperate with Ice or a different provider.