You want to score more goals and dominate your opponent in EA FC24, right? Well, it’s time to unleash one of the most lethal weapons in your attacking arsenal – the Power Shot. In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to master the Power Shot and start smashing screamers into the top corner. From how to activate it with the right controller combos to when to use it for maximum impact, you’ll be hitting Power Shots like the pros in no time. With these tips, you can add a new dimension to your offense, keep goalies guessing, and make scoring goals almost automatic. The Power Shot can quickly become your not-so-secret weapon if you take the time to practice and deploy it properly. So get ready to gain an edge on your mates and send unsaveable rockets into the net with confidence. It’s time to step up your shot game!

Mastering Power Shots in EA FC24

To dominate the pitch in EA FC24, you need to master power shots. These shots generate more speed and power, bending and dipping past defenders and goalkeepers.

First, hold the shoot button longer to charge up a power shot. The longer you hold, the more power. Release when the shot power meter is in the green ‘sweet spot’ for maximum speed and accuracy. It takes practice, so spend time charging and releasing power shots during training to get a feel for it.

Aim for the corners of the net. Power shots have extra curve, so aim just inside the post to bend it in. Top corner power shots are nearly unstoppable!

Use power shots when the keeper is off their line or out of position. If the keeper comes out to challenge you, a well-placed power shot will sail over their head into the open net.

Mix up your shots. Don’t use power shots every time, or defenders will catch on. Keep them guessing by alternating power shots, finesse shots, and ground shots. The element of surprise will lead to more goals!

With practice, you’ll be placing perfect power shots in the back of the net in no time and dominating your EA FC24 league. Now get out there and unleash some rockets!

Tips And Tricks For Executing Power Shots

To dominate the competition, you’ll need to master the power shot. Here are some pro tips to help you unleash shots your opponent won’t see coming:

•Charge it up. Hold down the power shot button to charge your kick before releasing. The longer you charge, the more power and curve you can put on the ball.

•Aim away from the keeper. Place your shots in the top corners of the net or just under the crossbar where the keeper can’t reach.


•Lead your target. If shooting on a breakaway, aim slightly in front of where your opponent is running so they can’t intercept it.

•Use spin. Apply topspin or backspin to your shot by flicking the control stick as you kick. Curve the ball around defenders or catch the keeper off guard.

•Fake ’em out. Pretend you’re shooting one way, then flick the stick to change direction at the last second. By the time your opponent reacts, the ball will already be in the back of the net!

•Practice the timing. The key to a perfect power shot is releasing the kick button at just the right moment. Practice the timing and get a feel for how long to charge to bend it like Beckham.

With these pro power shot tips, you’ll be putting one past the keeper in no time.Now get out there and show off those new skills! Your opponents won’t know what hit ’em.

How to Add More Power to Your Shots in FC24

To unleash powerful shots that blast past the keeper in EA FC24, you’ll need to master a few key techniques.

The first step is to allow the ball to drop to the perfect height before striking. As the ball is dropping, hold down the shooting button/key to start the power shot, then release it at the precise moment your player’s foot makes contact with the ball.

  • Timing is everything. Release too early or too late and you’ll miss the opportunity for a powerful strike.

Next, aim for the corners or upper portions of the net. Power shots directed at the center of the goal or within the keeper’s reach won’t do you much good.

  • Place shots in the top corners of the net or just under the crossbar where the keeper can’t block them.

Finally, make sure you have enough open space and the right shooting angle before winding up for a power shot. Without room or the proper angle, your shot won’t have enough power or accuracy to beat the keeper.

  • Create separation from defenders by dribbling or passing to open up space.
  • Get the ball on your strong foot and find an angle that gives you the best chance to slot it past the keeper into the corner of the net.

With practice, you’ll be booming unstoppable power shots in no time and dominating your matches in EA FC24. Take your time, focus on timing and placement, and don’t be afraid to let loose with some thunderous blasts on net! The more you work at it, the more natural and powerful your shots will become.

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So there you have it – everything you need to know to master power shots and dominate in EA FC24. With the tips in this guide, you’ll be curling screamers into the top corner and smashing unstoppable rockets past stunned goalkeepers in no time.


Just remember to keep your composure, watch the ball onto your foot, and strike through the middle of the ball with good technique. Before you know it, you’ll have defenders diving left and right trying to stop your wicked power shots. Now get out there, practice hitting bombs, and show your friends that you are the new free kick taker in town. Unleash your inner Ronaldo!