The thunderous echoes of AWP fire fade, the dust settles in Mirage’s bombsite, and the victors raise the trophy—another CS:GO champion is crowned. But the dust never truly settles in the world of competitive Counter-Strike. As the confetti melts away from 2023’s grand finals, 2024 looms large, promising a year of jaw-dropping frags, strategic wizardry, and, for fans who embrace the thrill of the bet, a landscape ripe with opportunity.

This year, the CS:GO landscape undergoes a subtle yet seismic shift. Valve’s recent announcement of severing ties with ESL and BLAST, the giants of tournament organizing, signals a new era of competitive balance. Gone are the days of circuit partnerships, replaced by a more open field where established titans clash with hungry underdogs. For bettors, this translates to a wider field of potential winners and a sharper edge to every match.

Navigating the Major Minions: The 2024 RMRs and Majors

The heart of CS: GO’s competitive ecosystem thumps with the rhythm of the Majors. In 2024, two such behemoths stand tall: the Copenhagen Major in March and the Shanghai Major in December. To reach these hallowed LANs, teams must first conquer the Regional Major Rankings (RMRs). These tournaments, scattered across the globe, pit regional hopefuls against each other for precious Major qualification points.

Americas RMR: Monterrey, Mexico (March 3-5) and Arlington, Texas (March 10-12)

Asia RMR: Bangkok, Thailand (March 10-12) and Beijing, China (March 17-19)

Europe RMR: Copenhagen, Denmark (February 6-8) and Malmö, Sweden (February 10-12)

With Valve’s new open-access landscape, familiar faces like FaZe Clan, Astralis, and Natus Vincere will face a fiercer-than-ever challenger pool.


We have to put in the table the real contenders for this year in order to surpass the CS:GO odds. Teams like FURIA Esports, Cloud9, and Vitality are hungry for Major glory, and dark horses like MOUZ and Ninjas in Pyjamas could upset the established order.

Team (Odds) Reasons to Bet
FaZe Clan (3.50) Proven Major winners, star-studded lineup, hungry for redemption after Katowice disappointment.
Astralis (4.00) Legendary discipline, and tactical prowess, were revitalized under the device’s leadership.
Natus Vincere (4.50) S1mple’s raw talent, and electronic’s veteran wisdom, are always a major threat.
FURIA Esports (6.00) Explosive firepower, unpredictable strategies, hungry for a global breakthrough.
Cloud9 (7.00) Rising North American stars, aggressive playstyle, motivated by recent RMR success.
Vitality (8.00) ZywOo’s brilliance, experienced core, desperate to break the Major curse.

Beyond the Majors: A Feast of Firepower

While the Majors reign supreme, 2024 offers a smorgasbord of other high-octane tournaments. ESL’s Pro League returns with revamped seasons, IEM Katowice and Cologne, promise electrifying showdowns, and BLAST Premier continues its innovative circuit format. Each tournament presents its own unique story, its tactical chess match, and its lucrative betting opportunities.

IEM Katowice 2024 (February 1-4): The first big dance of the year. Expect fireworks as teams jostle for early dominance.

IEM Chengdu 2024 (April 15-17): China’s CS: GO scene explodes onto the global stage. Can domestic powerhouses like TyLoo and LNG Esports upset the international order?

IEM Dallas 2024 (May 13-15): North America roars as reigning RMR champions Cloud9 seek home turf glory.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2024 (June 3-5): High-intensity, short-format matches test teams’ adaptability and resilience.

IEM Cologne 2024 (August 9-11): A Counter-Strike Cathedral. Can FaZe Clan reclaim their Cologne throne?


Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024 (December 5-17): The year’s final grand stage. Will a new champion rise, or will established dynasties prevail?

Betting on Brilliance: Keys to CS:GO Success

Predicting the victors in this ever-evolving landscape requires a keen eye and a well-honed understanding of the game’s intricate tapestry. Here are some key factors to consider when placing your CS: GO wagers:

Form and momentum: Track a team’s recent performance. Are they riding a wave of victories or struggling to find their footing? Momentum can be a powerful force in CS:GO, often swinging matches in the blink of an eye.

Head-to-head matchups: Analyze a team’s historical performance against their opponent. Do they have a psychological edge? Have they developed specific strategies to exploit their rival’s weaknesses? Historical data can reveal invaluable insights.

Map pool: Different CS: GO maps favor different playstyles. Does a team excel on the fast-paced bomb defusal of Dust2 or thrive on the intricate rotations of Inferno? Understanding a team’s map dominance can give you a crucial betting edge.

Individual brilliance: While CS: GO is inherently a team game, individual moments of brilliance can tip the scales. Watch out for star players like FaZe Clan’s Coldzera or FURIA’s Yuurih, who can single-handedly carry their teams to victory.

The X-factor: Beyond statistics and trends, there’s always the element of surprise. A new underdog emerges a tactical innovation disrupts the meta, or sheer determination overcomes adversity. Stay attuned to the pulse of the CS:GO scene, and be ready to capitalize on unexpected developments.

The year 2024 promises to be a seismic shift in the CS:GO landscape. Familiar giants grapple with rising challengers, new tournaments ignite the scene, and the quest for Major glory burns brighter than ever. For savvy bettors, this dynamic landscape is a treasure trove of potential. Hone your analysis, embrace the thrill of calculated risk, and be ready to witness the year’s crowning moment from the vantage point of a victory.

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