Earlier, it was easy to understand the video game genres and pick the ones that interest you. However, with the growing number of developers and gaming companies, a number of new genres and subgenres have been developed over time. You can find a number of different games that unfold in one of the most unexpected ways that you could have imagined. The video gaming landscape has evolved considerably. Attempts are made by developers to understand the preferences of players as per the data analytics and formulate games that would gain the maximum amount of fame. Furthermore, different events and upgrades are done in existing games to increase their lifespan as per the players’ inputs and feedback.

Let’s check out the leading video game genres that are the most popular and loved by players across the globe:

1. Sandbox

The term Sandbox is widespread and often heard by a lot of people. It’s used by technologically savvy people to describe games with an open-ended genre. The games in this category are associated with the availability of open environments, player choices, and non-linear gaming experiences. It is a small niche with many titles in its bag. The goals in such games are not very concrete, and there are narrations involved for players to enjoy. It is an immersive experience for the players, and the developers can engage in experimentation to see how the players respond to certain activities.

2. Real-Time Strategy

Real-time strategy is among the most loved video game genres. In these games, a person must manage the resources and mapping of the road. There are drop-down menus that are relative to the narration as well. Age of Empires is an excellent example of an RTS games. There are several such games that include series on civilizations where strategy is expected to be made by the players in real-time. The styles are different, but the conclusions are based on the player’s chosen road.

3. Shooters

This definitive, long-standing genre was developed long before the others. There are two subgenres in this category: first-person shooter and third-person shooter. There are several shooting games that fall into either of these categories.


As adults love the thrill of shooting and violence in games, there are several individuals who pick such games. The environments are typically simple, and the reliance is on the number of shots that are taken.

4. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Multiplayer games are one of the most enjoyed by gamers across the globe. These include real-time strategy as well that the players have to make in order to complete the tasks. There is map resource management that also has to be done. Although these seem similar to RTS, the major difference arises in the comparative analysis of the character and the role that the player is required to play.


There is typically a single character in this game where the battle has to be fought along with the other players. The eSports category has a number of such games.

5. Role Playing

There are several subgenres in the category of role-playing. The idea is to take control of a character and complete the assigned tasks. RPGs are the major basis of all the other genres today. The majority of the games that you know today fall in this category. There are several players who enjoy playing a character in a game and winning as per the activities and tasks given. The Witcher, Skrim, and Fallout 4 are some of the most popular categories in this genre.