This game takes participants into the world of ancient Greek mythology. The slot is a testament to the studio’s ability to combine popular themes with exciting gameplay, captivating a wide range of users. Set against the backdrop of Greece, the game features a 6×5 reel structure with 30 cells, offering a unique and expansive playing field.

The essence of lies in its unique cluster payout system. Winning sequences occur when a minimum of eight identical symbols appear on the reels. These symbols do not have to be in a specific sequence, which allows you to create more flexible winning combinations. When a win is received, the pictures involved disappear and new ones cascade down in their place. This mechanism, operating during a single spin, often leads to a succession of wins, enhancing the thrill of each round.

One of the distinctive features of the slot machine is the presence of special symbols. These symbols have multipliers ranging from 2x to a staggering 500x. In cases where one spin falls several of these symbols, their multipliers are summed up, significantly increasing the potential winnings.

An additional strategic element available to players is the Ante Bet feature. This additional feature, which can be activated at any time, increases the likelihood of Scatter symbols appearing on the reels. However, it is important to note that it will cost 25% of the total bet to activate it. While the payouts for standard symbols remain unchanged, the Ante Bet essentially serves as a strategic investment that increases the player’s chances of unlocking more lucrative game scenarios.

Bonuses in Gates of Olympus

In the Gates of Olympus slot, a myriad of bonus features await players, enhancing their gaming experience with opportunities for increased winnings and engaging gameplay elements. These bonuses not only add an extra layer of excitement but also provide players with various ways to boost their rewards:

  1. Bonus game purchase. At any point during the game, players have the option to purchase a bonus. This feature is accessible via an icon on the screen’s left side, and the cost of this purchase is set at 100 times the current bet.
  2. Free spins. This bonus is triggered when 4, 5, or 6 Scatter symbols land on the reels. The number of free spins awarded does not vary with the quantity of Scatter symbols.
  3. Accumulation of multipliers. During the bonus rounds, all multipliers that appear are collected in a special cell on the left side of the screen. These multipliers are applied on the next successful spin if a new multiplier emerges, combining the accumulated multiplier with the new one.
  4. Additional free spins. The bonus game also offers extra free spins. Landing three or more Scatter symbols during these rounds grants the player an additional five spins, further enhancing their chances of substantial winnings.

These bonus features collectively create an intricate and rewarding system. They not only maintain the player’s engagement with their potential for sizable payouts but also introduce strategic elements that can significantly influence the outcome of each gaming session.


Symbols in Gates of Olympus

In the Gates of Olympus slot, each drumming character, represented by a unique symbol, carries specific multipliers that enhance the potential for lucrative payouts. These symbols, ranging from precious gemstones to iconic items of Greek mythology, add a vibrant dimension to the gameplay.

List of drumming characters and their multipliers:

Character 8-9 symbols multiplier 10-11 symbols multiplier 12-30 symbols multiplier
💎 Blue Sapphire 0.25 0.75 2
💚 Green Emerald 0.40 0.90 4
💛 Yellow Topaz 0.50 1.00 5
💜 Purple Amethyst 0.80 1.20 8
❤️ Red Ruby 1.00 1.50 10
🏆 Zeus Cup 1.50 2.00 12
💍 Gold Ring 2.00 5.00 15
⏳ Gilt Hourglass 2.50 10.00 25
👑 Crown with Stones 10.00 25.00 50

Each icon in the entertainment not only adds visual appeal, but also fulfils a crucial role in determining the payout scale. The variety of multipliers attached to these symbols ensures that each spin can bring different levels of excitement and rewards, making the gameplay both unpredictable and exciting.


Gates of Olympus Demo

The Gates of Olympus demo version serves as an ideal platform for players to immerse themselves in the mythical world of this slot game without the need for real-money stakes. In this mode, players are endowed with virtual credits, which they can utilize to wager and activate the reels. While the winnings accrued with these credits are non-redeemable and cannot be withdrawn, this format of play provides a comprehensive taste of the game’s excitement and the thrill of earning rewards.

Key aspects of the Gates of Olympus demo include:

  • Risk-Free Exploration. Players can delve into the game mechanics without the pressure of financial loss, making it an excellent educational tool for beginners.
  • Stunning Visuals. The demo retains the captivating graphics of the original version, ensuring a visually immersive experience.
  • Access to All Features. All unique and engaging bonus features of the main game are available, offering a complete understanding of the game dynamics.
  • Strategy Development. It provides a safe environment for players to experiment with various betting strategies and understand the game’s volatility and payout patterns.
  • Hands-On Learning. Players gain first-hand experience of the slot’s features, including understanding the impact of different symbols and bonus rounds.
  • Preparation for Real Play. It equips players with the necessary knowledge and confidence to transition to real-money gaming when they feel ready.

In summary, the Gates of Olympus demo is more than just a free version of the game; it’s a comprehensive, engaging, and strategic platform that offers players a chance to enjoy the thrill of the game and refine their approach before venturing into real-money play.