Title: Analysing The Odds In Online Betting | How To Choose Favourable Odds

Description: To bet successfully, you need to study the odds. Read how to analyse your odds.

Those who make sports predictions at Aussie Play casino are bound to come across the concept of odds. Odds are one of the most important components of any market. For successful betting, the user needs to know what they are, how to analyse them correctly.

What Is Odds

The odds show the probability of a certain event occurring. For example, in a football match, a favourite and an underdog are competing. In this case, the odds for the favourite to win will be lower than the odds for the underdog to win. This is due to the high probability that the strongest team will win.

The odds affect what prize the bet will bring. For example, a user after going to the AussiePlay casino link and topped up his account and placed an order for 10 USD with odds of 3. In this case, if the bet is won, it will bring 30 USD. The net profit of the bettor will be 20 USD.

Odds are calculated differently when making an express. In case of bets containing several markets, all odds are multiplied by each other. For example, the user made a bet for 20 USD, adding markets with odds 2, 3, 4 to the bet. If each prediction is accurate, the bettor will receive 480 USD. The net profit will be equal to 460 USD.

Varieties Of Odds In Aussie Play: Choosing The Right One

Different platforms use different formats of odds. Usually, the bettor has the possibility to change the format of the displayed odds.


Such odds are written in fractions, for example, 20/4. The ratio shows the ratio of net profit to the amount bet. In the case of the above example, the bettor will get 20 USD net profit if he bets 4 dollars.


Such odds are the most common and easy to understand. Examples of such coefficients are: 1.75, 2.3, 5. To calculate the prize amount, it is enough to multiply the bet by the odds.



Such odds are not common, as they are difficult to perceive. For example, let’s take the coefficient -120. Such odds show that it is possible to get 100 USD net profit by betting 120 dollars.

How Aussie Play Analysts Calculate Odds

Specialists of companies accepting forecasts calculate odds in the following way:

  • The probability of an event occurring is calculated. Companies buy information from analytical agencies and consult with their own specialists.
  • Quotations are calculated. The probabilities obtained at the previous stage are converted into odds.
  • The company’s commission is added. Any platform that accepts predictions puts its commission into the odds. This allows companies to maintain profits over the long haul.

The lower the company’s margin, the better for the user. For example, analysts have calculated that the odds for an event should be set at 3. The margin should be equal to 5%. After the margin is applied, the odds will be equal to 2.85. It is with this quote that the event will be available in the event list.

Odds Movement

Companies may change the odds in the betting odds. This applies not only to live bets, but also to prematch. The movement of odds is due to various reasons.

Comparison Of Odds Of Other Companies

Any company takes into account market odds valid on other platforms. In order to prevent forks, the odds are adjusted. A fork is the possibility of betting on different variants of the same market. For example, a football match between French and American teams is scheduled. On one site the bettor bets on the victory of the French, on the other – on the win of the Americans. This provides the user with almost 100 per cent winnings.


A Change Of Scenery In A Match

Company specialists follow the course of the competition to re-evaluate the chances of the participants to win. For example, a day before an important basketball competition, it becomes known that a strong player of one of the teams has been injured and will therefore not participate in the match. In this case, the companies will increase the odds of the win of the respective team.


Overbooking is a change of quotations with a large number of bets. For example, in a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the odds for the former to win were 1.51. The odds on Barcelona’s victory were 2.54. Due to the large number of bets on Real’s victory, the company can reduce the corresponding quote to 1.3-1.4.

Working With Betting Odds

The key to success when betting at Aussie Play is to work correctly with the odds. The user must be able to find a balance between the chance of winning and the size of the prize money. Those who want to win as often as possible can bet on events with odds of no more than 2. Such bets will often give prizes, but their size will be small. Those who are ready to take risks for the sake of big prizes can place bets with odds from 5. The riskiest option is expressed. It is almost impossible to win steadily on such bets.

There are betting strategies based on odds. One of them is the Martingale method. The tactic requires the bettor to bet on events with odds of 2. Initially, you should bet the minimum possible amount. If the prediction is correct, you can stop the session or return to the minimum bet. In case of a loss, the amount bet doubles. Using the strategy, you can compensate for the money losses incurred by a winning prediction alone.

Odds must also be taken into account when wagering bonuses. For example, after receiving a welcome bonus, the bettor must place bets at the minimum required odds – otherwise the bets will not be taken into account for wagering.

Odds are the main thing a bettor who wants to win must be able to work with. It is not so difficult to understand the odds, even for a beginner. Having learnt how the odds work, you can go to the AussiePlay casino login, create an account with a deposit and start betting.