Everyone loves a good pun! And when this is combined with one of the best First Person Shooter (FPS) Games available online, you know you are on to a winner. Shell Shock is a condition with psychological and psychosomatic symptoms resulting from exposure to active warfare. Additionally, and perhaps more commonly, it is associated with a state or feeling of severe shock or surprise. In the context of the game Shell Shockers, the pun is related to the fact that it is an FPS Game, and the characters fighting are all eggs. Throw in the fact that the shells of the eggs explode when hit with a bullet, and you have yourself a great pun. Some would even say that it is an excellent pun! So, let’s take a close look at why you should open up your laptop and play Shell Shockers!

The game itself, as the brief description above should indicate, is a unique online shooter in first-person perspective. Shell Shockers features eggs armed with an arsenal of guns, of which each player can choose. In addition, you can customize your very own egg by choosing their name and editing their appearance. From the very first second you begin playing, you will instantly experience something that, while familiar, is unlike any other shooter game you have played.


Developed by Blue Wizard Digital, you can select from a variety of game modes and join in on the action online at any time for free. Despite there being any over-the-top introduction or narrative, the objective of the game is simple and reveals itself within moments. You need to do your utmost to stay alive by avoiding enemy fire and doing your best to shoot the shells of the opposition eggs.

The game modes include Teams, in which the team with the highest number of kills wins, Free For All, in which every egg is for themselves, Captula the Spatula, a capture the flag style game, and King of the Coop, in which two teams battle to capture a defined area known as the coop.

If you decide to play, take your time to experiment with using different guns, as they make a big difference to how you play the game. The names of the guns also take advantage of egg-based puns. Whether it is the EggK-47, the Scrambler, or the Free Ranger, the egg is most definitely running right through every aspect of design within the game.


Finally, as mentioned, you can play for free on your laptop, and the game is also available on both android and on iOS, meaning that this a fantastic game for those who like to play video games when they are out and about. You will be hard-pressed to find such a unique shooter game, so if it is a genre you enjoy, we recommend that you give it a try!