There is a misconception that only wealthy people with sufficiently large capital can be investors. However, in fact, you can start investing even with $1 in your pocket. We have prepared some practical tips for you, as well as several penny cryptocurrencies that you can invest in even with an extremely limited budget.

The Best Penny Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

Although there are plenty of penny digital assets in the vast crypto world, we will look at truly promising and respected projects that are included in the top 100 cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization.

XDC Network

The first worthy crypto project, the potential of which cannot be assessed by looking at the insignificant cost of its token, is XDC Network. Developers and traders of various levels are attracted to the XDC Network by low fees, fast transaction speeds, compatibility with layers 1 and 2, support for smart contracts and hybrid blockchain architecture. In addition, XDC Network is compliant with the global payment messaging standard ISO 20022, making it a convenient platform for developing applications for financial institutions. All of the above indicates the prospects of investing in XDC. Now, what do the numbers say?

The cost of the XDC Network native token is only $0.04817 at the time of writing. This means that $1 dollar will buy you about 20 XDC coins.


At the end of 2022, the XDC token could be purchased for $0.02141, which gives us a difference of 124.99% compared to its value today. This means that if you bought $1 worth of XDC coins in 2022, and then their quantity would be approximately 46 tokens, today the estimated value of your portfolio would be $2.2. That’s a net profit of $1.2. And if you had sold your coins in August 2023, when they were worth $0.08826, your profit would have been $3.


The next candidate for tiny investing is Casper CSPR. In an effort to contribute to the development and adoption of Web3, the crypto project is developing innovative technology solutions with an eye toward the new era ahead. Since the Casper platform promotes the adoption of blockchain technology, smart contracts and DApps, meeting the needs of both enterprises and private developers, the practical value of the project is beyond doubt.

In terms of cost, one-dollar investors will be pleased to hear that the Casper token is even cheaper than XDC Network. For $1 you can buy about 30 CSPR tokens. However, regarding the ROI of XDC vs CSPR, over the year the price of Casper has fallen by 12.98%, while XDC is showing an upward trend. However, we included this asset in our list because it showed good growth in May 2023, reaching $0.0627 per coin. If investors had exchanged $1 for CSPR at the end of 2022 and sold it less than six months later, their net profit would have been $1.38.



The most expensive on our list, but still cheap enough for those with only $1 to spend, is the Fantom. Fantom is a platform that supports smart contracts and provides decentralized financial services (DeFi) to developers. Due to the demand for new generation financial products, the project is quite promising. In addition, the Fantom network demonstrates incredible throughput, processing a transaction in just 2 seconds.

Currently, 1 FTM costs $0.2468, which means that $1 can only buy about 4 coins. In any case, about a year ago the cost of Fantom’s native asset was $0.1691, and after some months it skyrocketed to $0.6336. Taking advantage of the jump, an investor who invested just $1 could earn about $3 in net profit. The asset’s value has dropped now, which could be a good time to buy. You can purchase Fantom coins through a BNB to FTM exchange or by trading other available cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency in USD or EUR on exchanges like Binance or Kraken.

As we see, you can start investing even with little money. The main thing is to be able to recognize a promising cryptocurrency, have a good strategy and know when to enter and exit.