In all online games in which a large number of players play on the server, gold plays an important role.

This is the main currency, which can be called differently depending on the project, but it is the most important economic aspect that divides players by class and the ability to earn gold and strengthen their character.

Gold In World Of Warcraft Can Be Earned In Several Ways.

  1. Complete Quests

All tasks in any version of World of Warcraft bring different amounts of gold as the main reward and different materials and equipment with weapons in some cases.

  1. Kill Monsters

In locations that suit your level, there are many monsters that you can attack, and if you do not exceed or fall behind their level by 5 or more values, then each monster will consistently drop gold coins and other rewards that are in its drop -list, if you are lucky of course.

  1. Sell Resources

While hunting monsters, you will knock out special items that can be used by craftsmen to develop their profession, or create equipment and weapons that will be useful to the crafter himself, or to other players who will then buy these lots and strengthen their characters.

By regularly selling such resources, you can get a good increase in gold coins for your hero.

  1. Buy Gold From The Professional Skycoach Service

You can buy WoW SoD gold in any quantity you need with a guarantee of security and anonymity. You can order both a large batch and a small amount of gold – Skycoach works with any orders and even if the list of proposed options in terms of server or region, you can write to the manager directly and the service will do everything to satisfy your request.


The Principle Of Ordering Gold

To receive Season of Discovery gold, you need to follow the link and go to the Skycoach service website, select your project and server, enter the required amount of gold that you want to receive and pay for the order.

Next, a manager will contact you and offer delivery options and specify the best time at which it will be convenient for you to receive gold.

If all conditions are correctly met, you can receive your order within a few minutes.

Transfer of Paid gold

When you buy WoW Season of Discovery gold and paid for your order, a moment comes when the service is obliged to provide you with gold in one of the ways that is safe from the point of view of the attention of the game administration.

The manager always lists all the options, names the safest ones, indicates the pace and how exactly the process will occur, and then moves on to the implementation stage.



The simplest and most commonly used method for delivering paid game gold, but various types of security must also be applied to such a relatively simple method, because they can be checked by game administration employees and impose penalties, or even account blocking.

Firstly, the service should not transfer game currency for free – an empty trade from one of the parties in exchange for a large amount is the first suspicion that arises in such transactions, but this is not the most important influencing factor, because the game administration cannot ban all players indiscriminately on the first suspicion – this can lead to the outflow of a large number of players from game servers and a strong decrease in the overall online presence, so moderators are looking for more signs that players are engaged in illegal operations, and if you act correctly and carefully, the risks are reduced to almost zero.

The second important point is that it is advisable that the service does not transfer WoW SoD gold to a newly created character, because this is the second aspect that strongly attracts the attention of the administration – where does a newbie get large amounts of gold and why does he transfer it to another player, of whom he has quite a lot for this level.

This is just an example so that you understand the general principle of imposing game sanctions, and often they are not related to the general mechanics of the action, rather than compliance with simple and logical rules that accumulate suspicion and give the game administration the right to impose game sanctions.

The Skycoach service observes all necessary safety measures and discusses all important aspects before and during the fulfillment of its obligations.

Skycoach cannot give a 100% guarantee that the transaction will be safe, but at the same time he is ready to compensate for all losses and do everything to ensure that the process goes as quickly and safely as possible.

Transfer via mail or auction

In WoW, players can sell and buy any of the items and resources that relate to the game and receive the desired amount of gold for it.

It doesn’t matter what the amount is – the players themselves decide what to sell and for how much and buy according to the same principle, which provides an excellent opportunity to transfer Season of Discovery gold in almost 100% security, the main thing is to choose items that cannot be mistaken, so that the paid amount suddenly does not went to some lucky guy who displays the same trinket for years in hopes of getting lucky.

Mail is a game way to exchange messages, goods and gold at any time, even if players are not online, and you can transfer any items if desired.

For services like Skycouch, this is another way to deliver paid currency to the client.

All you need is to send any low-value item to the specified character and set the payment for receiving it to the amount that corresponds to the entire order.

This approach is not 100% safe, but it is also great because a remote transfer method is possible, the client himself fulfills part of the conditions for the transfer and a certain disguise occurs, which makes it appear that a normal exchange took place between players, albeit not at a fair price, but it is gamers who must and can decide for themselves how much and what to sell for – the game administration does not interfere in such operations.

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