The 2023 Cricket World Cup will be remembered by all fans of the sport not only for its intense and vibrant matches but also for the outstanding performances of the Indian national team. This year marked a historic moment as India became the sole host of the World Cup for the first time ever. We want to remind you that you can place bets on cricket events with pin up bet India – here, you can easily open a personal account and make bets with a bookmaker that offers a variety of options.

Group Stage

The group stage proved to be a true test, but the Indian national team emerged with the best result, winning all 9 matches. This was a historic achievement, the first of its kind in the history of World Cup tournaments. The beginning of the tournament promised to be unpredictable, especially with the first match against Australia. Despite early challenges in the match, India displayed exceptional character and secured a victory with 6 wickets, highlighting their readiness for serious challenges.

The next crucial encounter was against Afghanistan, and in this match, Rohit Sharma ascended to the cricketing gods’ pedestal. The 8-wicket victory was adorned with records, surpassing Chris Gayle’s achievements in the number of sixes in international cricket.


The Indian team continued its triumphant journey, defeating Pakistan by 7 wickets and then overcoming Bangladesh. In this match, Mushfiqur Rahim reached his thousandth run in World Cup tournaments, and Virat Kohli surpassed Sachin Tendulkar, becoming the fastest player to reach 26 thousand runs in international cricket.

New Zealand was the next opponent, and India continued their winning streak, winning the match by 4 wickets. However, the highlight was the pivotal match against England, where India won by 100 runs. Rohit Sharma played his hundredth match as captain, adding a new chapter to the team’s history.

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Against Sri Lanka, India showcased their strength, winning by 302 runs and setting a new record for the most runs in a World Cup. This victory propelled India into the semifinals, emphasizing their superiority.

The next challenge came from South Africa, and India emerged victorious again, this time by 243 runs. The concluding match of the group stage against the Netherlands brought additional records. With a relatively easy victory by 160 runs, Rohit Sharma broke the 2015 record for the number of sixes in a year. Kannur Rahul also entered the history books as the fastest player from India in World Cups in terms of balls faced.


In the semifinal match against New Zealand, India showcased their unparalleled form. A confident victory secured their coveted spot in the final. Mohammed Shami set several records with his bowling performance, earning him the title of the tournament’s best bowler.

Unfortunately, the final proved to be a more challenging ordeal, and India couldn’t replicate their success from the group stage, losing to Australia by 6 wickets. It was a significant disappointment for the Indian team, considering they were one of the main favorites for the tournament. Moreover, India had defeated Australia in the group stage but needed help to repeat their success in the most crucial match of the tournament.

India’s Players

Nevertheless, Indian cricketers left an indelible mark in the tournament’s history. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma emerged as the top run-scorers of the tournament, while Mohammed Shami stood out as the best bowler. Many players from the Indian team made it into the symbolic World Cup team: Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Kannur Rahul, Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, and Mohammed Shami.


Indeed, players from the Indian team dominated the symbolic team of the tournament. The individual performances of the Indian players reflected the overall team’s level of play.

This time, the Indian team couldn’t clinch the title of world champion, but their heroic journey and numerous achievements will live on in the memory of cricket fans for many years.