Were you aware that the projected global viewership for esports games is expected to surpass 318 million individuals?

The expansion of esports has been extraordinary, with the introduction of novel games annually. However, certain games exert a strong influence and enjoy more popularity than others.

When discussing the largest esports games, the interpretation might vary among individuals. Certain games have achieved worldwide popularity, while others have succeeded in specific regions. Certain entities have more participants, but others host larger competitions, including substantial monetary rewards.

This page compiles a comprehensive list of the most beloved esports games highly favoured by fans.


The initial excitement surrounding the Battle Royale shooter “Fortnite” continues to endure. The eSports game’s fundamental concept is straightforward: One hundred participants engage in combat across an expansive map. The victor is the last survivor.

In contrast to other Battle Royale games, Fortnite places particular emphasis on acquiring diverse resources and constructing structures. These can provide concealment or establish a tactical advantage in combat against other players.

League of Legends

The real-time strategy game “League of Legends” (LoL) features a classic MOBA map in which two opposing teams engage in combat. Five of the more than 150 selectable characters (champions) comprise each team. Each champion assumes five roles: (Carry), ADC (Attack Damage Carry), Top Lane, Midlane, Support, or Jungler.

Every accessible champion possesses four unique abilities and necessitates using distinct strategies. Based on their respective positions, the participants of each role compete against the same roles on the opposing team.

The objective is to collectively defeat the opposing team’s objectives to gain the upper hand and subsequently breach their base and nexus.

Dota 2

Unlike LoL, Dota 2 utilizes the same five-on-five MOBA map and gameplay mechanics. Dota 2 is captivating due to its visually pleasing aesthetics and gameplay, heavier on strategy rather than mechanics.

With five playable roles and more than one hundred and ten unique protagonists, the game is equally as diverse as its counterpart.

In recent years, Dota 2 has surpassed all other eSports games in popularity among the sport’s most accomplished participants.



FIFA’s level of global popularity as an esport is comparatively lower than that of CS: GO, LoL, and Dota 2. Despite this, it continues to be one of the most popular games in the world and a tremendous success in the online esports wagering industry. In the United Kingdom, this game franchise is especially renowned.

FIFA is distinct from other esports games in that placing bets on it, with Fanatics sportsbook promo code, for example, is comparable to placing bets on any other football match. FIFA is a video game that emulates the rules of authentic football, except that a single individual controls an entire team, and games do not last 90 minutes.

For individuals lacking prior experience in esports wagering but possessing a fundamental comprehension of conventional sports betting operations, FIFA could be the most straightforward esports game to place a wager.


World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment effectively merges the first-person shooter and MOBA genres with Overwatch. From an initial-person shooter standpoint, the game functions as such.

However, like MOBAs, there are many playable characters—each with four unique abilities and a unique set of weapons—to select for various duties. Thus, defeating adversaries and reducing them to their knees through the deft application of abilities becomes feasible.

Counterstrike: Global Offensive

CS: GO, among the earliest titles to feature a dedicated competitive esports scene, has consistently garnered considerable interest as a potential venue for industry-leading tournaments. Typically, viewership figures experience a significant surge when The Majors commence.

Despite its advanced age, simplistic maps, and antiquated combat and gameplay, CS: GO has maintained consistent annual traction. The reward pools are valuable, and the competitive environment is in undamaged shape.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

While Mobile Legends: Bang Bang did not fundamentally transform the MOBA gaming landscape and primarily replicated the gameplay of League of Legends, it did introduce skins featuring well-known figures from popular culture that particularly captivated the Southeast Asian audience.

Despite its flaws, the mobile video game is one of the most popular esports titles worldwide, with a league tournament series such as the M-series amassing record-breaking viewership and a continually expanding player base.

Call of Duty

With a respectable prize purse and 19 tournaments completed thus far in 2023, the franchise remains as new to the esports scene as ever with all its products, including Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone.

Call of Duty events attract considerable viewership, and participants from all over the world engage in head-to-head competitions the entire year. Despite being a straightforward first-person shooter, it maintains an unexpected amount of traction, primarily due to the refinement that went into the titles.