The first Steam Deck’s screen was not good. Anyone could see that it was dim, small, and reflective – the list goes on. Valve tried to fix its mistake with constant updates, but who needs system upgrades when you want a good picture?

Eventually, they reached the correct conclusion and released an OLED display, now a must-have in the industry. We also see a few additional updates (but not so significant), so let’s look at them together. Maybe the OLED version is worth your attention after all.

Brightness and Other Pleasures of the New Screen

Gamers know the advantages of OLED screens over typical ones – more saturation, sharpness, brightness, and no blurring. It has been the case in most companies, like the Nintendo Switch. Nevertheless, the changes are even more significant when compared to the original version. You cannot deny that the screen on the Steam Deck was horrible and burned your eyes. It is a breath of fresh air; therefore, we see the new product that way.

Speaking of frequency, it offers a full 90 Hz compared to 60 Hz in the original. The smoothness is incredible, but that’s not even the main thing. Most of all, the indicator affects your feelings during the game, especially those that require super-fast reactions. The frequency also depends on the specific game and personal settings.

Now to the size. Apparently, the developers got tired of “cut corners” reports and increased the screen to 7.4 inches. Whatever entertainment you choose will add to the gaming experience. The characters have become more prominent and, therefore, easier to watch.

Other Indicators

In most cases, it’s the small things that matter the most. For example, we mark the weight differences that make Steam Deck with the OLED more pleasant to keep. Currently, the model weighs 640g. Valve still has stronger competitors; others provide light ones, but it’s a change.


Faster loading is also worth noting. You won’t notice this in simple games, which loaded without problems on the basic Steam Deck. Test the heavier ones to feel the difference – it’s like switching from long cashouts to fast-payout casinos.

The company ge­nerously invested in its me­dia promotions. They lessene­d noise from processors, included quality button inte­ractions, and superior audio. We want everyone to know about these features. But, upgrades are so small that you may need a telescope­ to spot them. These twe­aks are common among gamers in play mode. It’s worth me­ntioning that the develope­r has made these change­s, especially in areas that matte­r to you.

Keeping the Charge

The screen is clear, but what about the inside? The new model brags a powerful battery without affecting the device’s size, which is a plus. The capacity is 50 Wh. In addition, the developers promise better energy efficiency through other improvements.


What about the hours? In the original version, we could play for up to 8 hours without interruption (up to 2 hours for powerful games). The update allows you to enjoy up to 12 hours without recharging.

The minimum operating time is 3 hours. Again, it depends on the game and the brightness level. For example, in the game fallout: new vegas, brightness is more than enough. During the test, we forced the device to work at total capacity so it would last longer under normal conditions.

Bottom Line

It’s time to consider improving your Steam Deck. Developers’ focus on fine­ details and increased storage­ (512 GB) make it a notable choice. Though the company is in the process of polishing, it outshines a re­gular screen. So, why wait? Invest 500 dollars at your local store­!