In January 2021, GGPoker made a major announcement by introducing a standalone mobile app for private online poker games. The app, called ClubGG Poker, aims to compete with popular poker apps like Poker Bros, Pokerrrr 2, and X-Poker. So lets do Read honest Tested by WPD of ClubGG. Find out all the details about the platform created by and for poker enthusiasts.

This move into the social poker app market was not surprising to industry experts, as there are certain countries and jurisdictions where licensed online poker rooms are not accessible. The app can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store, and it allows users to start or join a club to play on ClubGG Poker. The app’s functionality is similar to the GGPoker mobile app, offering games like Texas Hold ’em, 4-card, and 5-card Pot-Limit Omaha. It has features like emojis, a smooth bet slider, and a visually appealing hand history display.

The app runs smoothly on devices like Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone 12. Although it has gained popularity among YouTube poker streamers, the traffic and action on other mobile poker apps are considered better. Beasts of Poker has opened a player waitlist for ClubGG to provide access to the games as soon as there are enough players for regular games. The ClubGG Poker evaluate will be regularly updated once there is sufficient action to offer clubs for players.

What’s The Process For Registering on The ClubGG App?

Beginning with ClubGG is extremely simple. Simply go to the App Store or Google Play Store, look for ClubGG Poker, and obtain the application. As another option, you can access, acquire their app, and install it on your device.

How Does ClubGG Operate?

According to Paul Burke, GGPoker’s Head of Marketing Operations, they are introducing ClubGG to the poker market in order to address the lack of a home game feature in the GGPoker app. Although the specific details of how ClubGG will operate have yet to be revealed, we anticipate that it will operate similarly to other play money poker apps, following a decentralized model. This means that groups of poker clubs will be responsible for running the games. The app already has features in place that allow users to create clubs and search for groups, which aligns with the purpose of providing a home game experience on mobile phones. However, it’s important to note that the ClubGG Poker app will only serve as a platform for playing and will not offer real money poker services. The responsibility for hosting cash games and poker tournaments will fall to the ClubGG poker clubs and groups.

What is The Appearance of a ClubGG Club Like?

After entering a club ID to join a club, the ClubGG app will display a list of all the tables currently open in that club. The list will provide details such as the number of players, stakes, and game format being played at each table.


To start playing your preferred game, simply select a table, choose a seat, load chips, and you’re all set to begin playing cards!

How is The Interface, Appearance And Functionality of The ClubGG Mobile App?

The ClubGG app offers an exceptional poker experience. Developed by NSUS Ltd, the same company behind GG Network and GGPoker, it includes features like hand history evaluation and emojis. The gameplay and animations are smooth, as expected from GGPoker products. During our testing, we found few flaws, except for the placement of emoji animations which can be a bit bothersome if used frequently as they may cover your hole cards. Good news for high volume players, you can play up to 4 tables simultaneously with the multi-table feature. Swiping between tables is quick and the timer is easily visible. The buttons and sliders for table actions such as checking, betting, or raising are carefully designed and well-executed.


How do Deposits And Withdrawals Work on ClubGG?

While it is currently only a speculation, it is anticipated that private clubs and agents will facilitate deposits and withdrawals for their players. Common methods for these transactions include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Additional details will be provided in the near future.

Are You Able to Utilize Tracking Software Like HEM or PT4?

No, third-party trackers and HUDs are prohibited on GG Network. The platform strongly prohibits the usage of any external tracking software, poker solvers, or poker hand charts during gameplay.


This policy is implemented to safeguard casual players from being targeted by experienced players.

How to Join a ClubGG club?

In order to become a member of a club, navigate to the ClubGG Home view, select the option to search for a club, and input the club’s ID and referral ID. Click the ‘SEARCH’ button and follow the instructions provided by the application. Your application to the club will then be submitted to the club owner.