Technology, in today’s day and age, knows no boundaries. Every day we have something new frothing up as a product of brilliant minds ready to provide us with ease, comfort, and accessibility in the shape of cutting-edge tech. In 2023, with the advent of AI, technology has sped up its pace, inculcating the masses about all that is achievable through its application. 

Many of the items in our listicle will be making use of the internet in one way or another to achieve full functionality of their application so it’d be a good, preemptive measure to set a viable internet connection before diving in. WOW Internet Plans provides a healthy slew of speeds as well as services to help get your devices connected in the best way possible. 

Let’s jump into our listicle and check out all the devices we have in store for you!

Acer eKinekt BD3

Acer isn’t sticking just to laptop making. Lately, the Taiwanese company has brought in their A-game to the realm of tech-infused exercise workstations. Acer understands that having a healthy routine is imperative to maintaining your respective workflows. That is why, there’s even a small desk included that goes on top of the handlebars and provides a platform to place your laptop on as you cycle away on the eKinekt BD3.

With an eco-conscious battery as well as an integrated generator, the device focuses on renewable energy to help you power through your workout with maximum efficiency. Despite there being a power bank under the hood, in the rare moment that the eKinekt does run out of juice, you can always hook it up to a nearby wall socket with a handy dandy cable and continue working, working out, or both. 

Aromajoin Aroma Shooter Wearable & Aroma Player

The Aroma Shooter is exactly what it seems. In a time when companies are hell-bent on using the marvels of VR to amplify our ability to “see”, the Aroma Shooter instead focuses on the sense of smell. If you’ve had the opportunity to watch “Ready Player One”, you’d realize that the gadget collar bears a strikingly similar resemblance to a common VR device seen in the movie.

With the device, not only can you immerse yourself in a virtual world that taps into your sight and provides you with sounds but it also goes one step further to provide smell as well. For example, if you’re watching a cooking show and the chef intends to bake a cake, not only will you join them in the process of witnessing the steps taken but also get to smell the dough, raw ingredients used, and all the delicious condiments otherwise. 

Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones

It’s probably safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic left a scar on Dyson. On the other hand, trauma enough that they decided to come up with a gadget to provide the masses with an ultra-portable-funky filter for their day. These headphones are both stylish, comfortable, and come in unique packaging. Armed with eight active noise-cancelling mics that help filter and define the sound you hear, these babies establish themselves as true pioneers of health-oriented headphones. 

The built-in filter tech is another unique feature on these that supplies the user with only the purest air quality. Since the mechanism for the air filtering application is bulky, the filter element is detachable and comes with a sturdy case. 

Withings U-Scan

A win for the toilet and a brilliant piece of tech, the U-Scan portrays itself as a health device that works when placed inside your toilet bowl like a cleaning pod. When you go about your business in the loo, the U-Scan performs a urinalysis and gathers all sorts of health data from your urine. The embedded sensor pods help do this and can be interchanged at your discretion.

The data collected is then sent to a dedicated app on your phone where it provides a range of health factors deduced from the analysis. These can be anywhere from real-time hydration, to fitness, and for women, provide a means to monitor their menstrual cycles as well. For your convenience, the U-Scan is cleaned with every toilet flush and the battery lasts for a good three months before needing a recharge. 

Lumus AR Lenses

Lumus has refined what the definition of smart glasses should be. By coming up with their own pair, inspired only in function by the doomed Google Glass, these spectacles offer a comfier, aesthetic look that you can rock with your daily outfit. 2023 has seen an apparent resurgence of smart glasses and Lumus is prepared to utilize everything they’ve got in their pocket to give the public a fresh take on augmented reality, navigation, and lens transparency all available in their AR lenses. 


That’s a wrap on all the weirdest yet promising pieces of tech we have for you in our neat little listicle. Remember that these devices offer a unique take on accessibility and it’d be in your best interest to have a closer look at at least one of them. We’d suggest checking them out close to when Christmas sales start going up to avail a good bit of discounts.