WoW is a constantly evolving project that offers players more and more new options.

The Dragonflight update greatly expanded the potential and ability of the profession system by adding a Bounty table.

The new mechanics solved a long-standing problem – when an artisan created an item of a higher quality than usual, a green item, he automatically became its owner, which excluded the possibility of obtaining most items other than self-crafting or knocking out from a raid.

Now, you can place and fulfill orders through a special table, and upon completion, the client will become the owner of the item and not the performer, and the milestone will finally be passed.

The new mechanics that we will analyze in this guide will open when you master the Dragon Islands and open the capital and main city – Waldrakken, and it is there that the desktops for pumping and implementing the professional system will be waiting for you.

To be able to sail to the Dragon Islands, you need level 60 – you can get it yourself through the quest system, or during the grind, or order boosting World of Warcraft.

How The Order Table Works In The Dragonflight Update

To place an order, you only need to leave your request at the order desk as a client.

When registering, you need to specify whose materials will be used and select the qualifications of the master – it will affect the likelihood of creating a masterpiece. Do not forget to indicate the award that you consider worthy for such work and place an order.

If you are acting as an artisan, then you must have an appropriate recipe to learn and a general professional skill comparable to the conditions of the client.

Restrictions And Conditions To Consider When Working With Orders

  1. To work with orders, you need to maintain a balance and fulfill the conditions that the developers have conceived for careful control over resources and game opportunities.
  2. Orders do not have cross-server – this means that you can place and fulfill orders only within your own server.
  1. Each artisan has a limit of 30 orders per day.
  2. The limit for processing an application is two hours, and if it knocks you out of the daily limit, then after resetting the timer, you will be able to take a new order.
  3. After accepting the assignment for active work, you will have exactly 30 minutes to complete it.
  4. In active work, there can be only one order, and in order to take on a new one, you need to fully complete your task and transfer the finished item to the client.

If you want to order the manufacture of an item as a client, then you need to know the following:

  1. If you create a public rather than a private order, the system will require you to attach all the necessary materials and reagents for crafting.
  2. By creating a private order, that is, you choose a specific player to whom you want to entrust the production process, you can no longer put all the resources and leave the crafter the opportunity to get everything you need from your personal stocks.
  3. If you decide to order weapons or equipment of the highest quality, then in addition to the basic resources, you will need to provide special types of materials that the blacksmith cannot add from his stocks.

Spark of Mastery – You can get this resource for special quests in the Dragonflight update on the Dragon Isles or get it randomly with a minimum chance for any actions on the islands.

Placing Your Order

You select an item from the list of available items. Specify the type of craftsman who can take him to work – private, public, or guild order. The latter can only be performed by artisans from one of your guilds. Next, you need to attach the necessary resources and click the place an order button – if some condition does not meet the requirements, the button will simply be inactive.

How To Take And Fulfill Orders As An Artisan

To get started, head to Waldrakken and find an order desk related to your profession to get started. If you cannot find the exact place, then contact any guard and he will put a dot on your map.

To get started, view the list of orders created by other players.

Use the filter to search for errands by your Profession Mastery Rank.

When you find an order that is interesting to you and fits the primary criteria, feel free to click on the details. There you will see the customer’s nickname, the amount that he puts in as a reward for completion, a list of resources, and the party that undertakes to provide materials for crafting.


If everything suits you, then click on the accept order button and transfer it to the next stage.

Further, everything happens simply – you press the button to create an order in the same menu and, transfer the item to the client and complete the order.

Alteration Of Items In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

Now, along with the order table, you can also rework items.

In essence, you are taking apart an item and trying to create exactly the same, but of higher quality. For the procedure, part of the resources and special reagents are involved – Master’s Zeal.

This action allows you to replace the used reagents with more valuable ones, but the old ones will be irretrievably lost.

The main purpose of a remake is to try to improve the overall value and stats of crafted items if they are bad enough for their level and craftsmanship.

By the way, not only the crafter player himself can remake the product, but also a special NPC.

The mechanics are similar to placing a creation order, only in the process you are not interacting with a live player.

Similarly, you need to attach all the necessary materials and reagents and pay the amount for the procedure.

Conclusions About The New Order System For Crafting And Reworking Items

The developers from Blizzard have launched a new and interesting mechanic for all MMO RPGs, which fully creates a close connection between the players in the service market and allows the server to be saturated with new equipment and weapons.

Since players quite often get low-quality items, a system was invented that gives any equipment one more chance and a chance can become a product that is a cut above its original quality.

This is a new format that brought back the profession system and its relevance to WoW, and added the ability for craftsmen to earn gold simply by completing assignments. So, you can make big profits without even leaving the peaceful zone and without mining resources.

But don’t forget about the reagents and special items from the update, and keep an eye on private orders – unscrupulous players can impose on you the obligation to collect resources that must be fulfilled in a short time.