The card game of Call Break is known to every playing card enthusiast. This is a game of strategic planning and skills. What if you can earn money from playing this game online? Yes. These card game apps are familiar, though. You can create an account and play your best to win in contests and competitions. Let us find out a few of these Call Break apps for earning money.

Leading Call Break Apps to Earn Money in 2023

Before entering the universe of Call Break, we must know that this classic card game has various versions. The app developers have formulated most versions to give better twists and thrill to this game. Check out these top apps to play Call Break and earn money.

1. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Mobile Premier League (MPL) offers a multigame platform where you can Call Break and other games online to win cash prizes. It is one of the leading Call Break earning apps that deliver the best versions of this game popular in India, Nepal, and other Asian countries. MPL Call Break is easier to understand and play. The unique user interface with exclusive graphics makes this game even more engaging. You can create an account here, master this card game’s rules and gameplay, and participate in individual contests. When you become a professional player, you can join the top competitions to win exclusive cash prizes. Become a part of the vast 9-crore family and indulge in exclusive card-playing games online.

2. PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot is another rising star in this universe. It offers a huge platform to play card games like Call Break and earn money. With a staggering registration count of approximately 15 million users, the platform establishes itself as a reliable choice for gaming enthusiasts, particularly those engaging in this card game.

Imagine playing Call Break and winning money simultaneously – that’s pretty awesome, right? This app lets you do just that! If you like challenges, this app is perfect for you. You can play against real players, win games, and get cash prizes. There are new competitions every week, so having this app on your phone means you can have fun, play call break, and even win fabulous money prizes!

3. Winzo

Winzo is one of the best Call Break apps to choose and play. This application is designed to offer a trusted platform where card players can easily connect and participate in top competitions. Once you enter an individual contest or a competition on this app, you will find dedicated rooms where players connect.


The seating arrangement and dealer are determined at the game’s outset. Each player selects a call bid and aims to achieve the score they committed to at the game’s start. Cash rewards earned in Callbreak can be conveniently transferred to your account through your chosen application, such as PayTM. Navigate to your profile and select the transfer option. The straightforward gameplay and the ease of cash transfer enhance the appeal of this card game for players looking for a simple yet engaging experience.

4. Rush Call Break

Rush is a multigame app developed by the team of Hike. This game app is ideal for creating an account and developing Call Break skills. All you have to do is download this free game app and register. First, learn to play with the bots and understand the app rules. When you have mastered the gameplay, you can participate in contests. You can connect your bank account or UPI to your Rush account for easy cash transfer after a significant win. Check this trusted app to play this card game and enjoy the chance of winning big prizes.

5. First Games

First Games is one of the leading digital platforms where you can play Call Break and many other games in different genres. The UI of this game is easy to understand and master the skills of card games. When you have understood the gameplay and UI features, you can practice playing this game with computer-generated players. To spice things up, you can participate in small contests with low stakes. When you have achieved a significant mark here, join the bigger tournaments and win cash prizes. You can easily transfer the cash prizes to your connected bank or UPI account. Worry not, as this app interface is very safe to use.

6. Call Break Superstar

Call Break Superstar has gained immense popularity with over 10 million downloads. It stands as one of the highest-rated Call Break mobile games available. The game offers modes such as Private, Multiplayer, VIP, and Offline, catering to different player preferences. For those seeking diversity, Backlight Studios extends beyond Call Break, providing a range of real money games, including Ludo, Solitaire, Poker, and more. Whether you’re into strategic card games or other engaging genres, Call Break Superstar and its array of options make it a versatile and enjoyable choice for gaming enthusiasts.

7. Dangal Games

For an exceptional multiplayer Call Break experience, explore the Dangal Games app. Its standout features include inviting Facebook and WhatsApp friends, and fostering a social gaming experience. Notably, the game operates offline, transforming into a single-player mode without an internet connection. This unique blend of social connectivity and offline functionality sets it apart for those seeking versatile and accessible gaming options. You can create personal rooms, play with individual players, and invite friends to play this card game online. The easy UI and graphics make this card game app an ideal downloadable choice. This app also offers a leading venue to participate in nationwide big tournaments. The winnings can be easily transferred to your bank or UPI account.


Now that you have a comprehensive list of apps, check the best ones according to their reviews. Find out what the current users are saying about these apps. Make a list of apps you prefer to download. Get them on your smartphone and understand the user interface.


Focus on the gameplay rules and develop your skills. You can choose a suitable Call Break app and compete globally for exclusive prizes.