After Completing Bams, Can I Go for Psychology?

If you have completed your Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and are considering a career in psychology, you may be wondering if it is possible to make the transition. While the field of psychology traditionally requires a specialized degree, there are still several avenues that BAMS graduates can explore within this field.

One option for BAMS graduates interested in psychology is to pursue postgraduate studies in clinical psychology. Many universities offer Master’s or Ph.D. programs specifically designed for individuals without an undergraduate degree in psychology. These programs provide comprehensive training in psychological theories, assessments, and therapeutic interventions.

The Scope of Psychology as a Career

As a BAMS graduate, you may be wondering if you can pursue a career in psychology. The field of psychology offers diverse opportunities for individuals with different educational backgrounds, and BAMS graduates are no exception. Let’s explore the scope of psychology as a career option for those who have completed their BAMS degree.

Specializations in Psychology for BAMS Graduates

Psychology offers various specializations that can complement your background in medicine and provide you with unique avenues to explore. Some of the prominent specializations that may interest BAMS graduates include:

  1. Health Psychology: This specialization focuses on understanding the psychological factors influencing health and well-being. With your medical knowledge from BAMS, you can contribute to research and interventions aimed at promoting holistic health.
  2. Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychologists work closely with individuals experiencing mental health challenges or disorders. Your understanding of human physiology gained during your BAMS studies can enhance your ability to assess and treat patients effectively.
  3. Counseling Psychology: Counseling psychologists help people overcome personal challenges, improve relationships, and enhance overall well-being. With your background in healthcare, you could specialize in counseling individuals dealing with chronic illnesses or other medical issues.

Can BAMS Graduates Pursue Psychology?

If you’re a BAMS graduate pondering the possibility of pursuing psychology, you may find yourself in a state of perplexity. After all, the two fields seem quite distinct. However, it’s important to note that there are potential avenues for BAMS graduates to explore within the realm of psychology.

While a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree primarily focuses on traditional Indian medicine, it doesn’t necessarily restrict your options solely to that field. With further specialization or additional education, you can branch out into other areas such as psychology.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Postgraduate Courses: Once you’ve completed your BAMS degree, one option is to pursue a postgraduate course in psychology. This will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills required for a career in this field. Many universities offer master’s programs in various branches of psychology, including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and organizational psychology.
  2. Bridging Programs: Another route that BAMS graduates can take is enrolling in bridging programs specifically designed for individuals from diverse educational backgrounds who wish to enter the field of psychology. These programs help bridge the gap between your previous education and the requirements for pursuing a career in psychology.
  3. Specialization Opportunities: The intersection between Ayurveda and mental health presents unique opportunities for specialization. By combining your knowledge of Ayurvedic principles with psychological theories and practices, you can carve out a niche for yourself as an expert who integrates holistic approaches into mental health treatment.
  4. Research and Consulting Roles: With your background in BAMS and further education in psychology, you may also explore research positions or consulting roles where your expertise in both fields can be utilized effectively.

It’s worth mentioning that transitioning from BAMS to psychology may require dedication and additional study; however, it is indeed possible to embark on this path if it aligns with your interests and career goals.


Overall, while it may not be a conventional choice, combining Ayurvedic medicine with psychology can open up new and exciting possibilities for those who are passionate about both fields. By leveraging your existing knowledge and skills, you can contribute to the integration of holistic approaches in healthcare and make a positive impact on individuals’ lives.